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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06-02Building capacity in Australian interprofessional health education: Perspectives from key health and higher education stakeholdersMatthews, LR; Pockett, RB; Nisbet, G; Thistlethwaite, JE; Dunston, R; Lee, A; White, JF
2012-12-01Can GPs working in secure environments in England re-license using the Royal College of General Practitioners revalidation proposals?Coomber, J; Charlton, R; Thistlethwaite, JE; England, L
2016-01-01Collaboration, cooperation, communication, contact and competenciesThistlethwaite, JE
2014-01-01Competencies and frameworks in interprofessional education: A comparative analysisThistlethwaite, JE; Forman, D; Matthews, LR; Rogers, GD; Steketee, C; Yassine, T
2014-12-31The content and process of simulated patient-based learning activitiesThistlethwaite, JE; Ridgway, GD
2012-06-01The effectiveness of case-based learning in health professional education. A BEME systematic review: BEME Guide No. 23Thistlethwaite, JE; Davies, D; Ekeocha, S; Kidd, JM; MacDougall, C; Matthews, P; Purkis, J; Clay, D
2012-01-14Facial disfigurementSaul, K; Thistlethwaite, JE
2023FINCA - a conceptual framework to improve interprofessional collaboration in health education and care.Witti, MJ; Zottmann, JM; Wershofen, B; Thistlethwaite, JE; Fischer, F; Fischer, MR
2017-04-03International consensus statement on the assessment of interprofessional learning outcomesRogers, GD; Thistlethwaite, JE; Anderson, ES; Abrandt Dahlgren, M; Grymonpre, RE; Moran, M; Samarasekera, DD
2015-01-01It was serendipity: A qualitative study of academic careers in medical educationHu, WCY; Thistlethwaite, JE; Weller, J; Gallego, G; Monteith, J; Mccoll, GJ
2018-01-01Questions and answers in health care and educationThistlethwaite, JE
2013-08-01A review of longitudinal community and hospital placements in medical education: BEME Guide No. 26Thistlethwaite, JE; Bartle, E; Chong, AAL; Dick, ML; King, D; Mahoney, S; Papinczak, T; Tucker, G
2016-07-01The Roundhouse modelThistlethwaite, JE
2019-07-04The times are changing: workforce planning, new health-care models and the need for interprofessional education in AustraliaThistlethwaite, JE; Dunston, R; Yassine, T
2012-01-01Values-based interprofessional collaborative practice: Working together in health careThistlethwaite, JE
2015-01-01WATCH: Warwick assessment instrument for clinical teaching: Development and testingHaider, SI; Johnson, N; Thistlethwaite, JE; Fagan, G; Bari, MF
2023-10When I say … the patient voice.Thistlethwaite, JE; Towle, A; Canfield, C; Lauscher, D
2021-01-01Writing for publication: increasing the likelihood of success.Thistlethwaite, JE; Anderson, E