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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03-01Active reranking for web image searchTian, X; Tao, D; Hua, XS; Wu, X
2017-01-01Assessing the ability of MODIS EVI to estimate terrestrial ecosystem gross primary production of multiple land cover typesShi, H; Li, L; Eamus, D; Huete, A; Cleverly, J; Tian, X; Yu, Q; Wang, S; Montagnani, L; Magliulo, V; Rotenberg, E; Pavelka, M; Carrara, A
2017-01-01Classification and representation joint learning via deep networksLi, Y; Tian, X; Shen, X; Tao, D
2010-01-01Constrained metric learning via distance gap maximizationLiu, W; Tian, X; Tao, D; Liu, J
2018-09-01Continuous DropoutShen, X; Tian, X; Liu, T; Xu, F; Tao, D
2015-06-01Discrete robust optimization algorithm based on Taguchi method for structural crashworthiness designSun, G; Fang, J; Tian, X; Li, G; Li, Q
2015-01-01Dynamical bending analysis and optimization design for functionally graded thickness (FGT) tubeSun, G; Tian, X; Fang, J; Xu, F; Li, G; Huang, X
2019-06-01Eigenfunction-Based Multitask Learning in a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert SpaceTian, X; Li, Y; Liu, T; Wang, X; Tao, D
2014-11-02Estimating montane forest above-ground biomass in the upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin using Landsat-TM dataTian, X; Li, Z; Su, Z; Chen, E; van der Tol, C; Li, X; Guo, Y; Li, L; Ling, F
2011-09-15Estimating zero-plane displacement height and aerodynamic roughness length using synthesis of LiDAR and SPOT-5 dataTian, X; Li, ZY; van der Tol, C; Su, Z; Li, X; He, QS; Bao, YF; Chen, EX; Li, LH
2022-09-02Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Six-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Hub Motor Based on Model Predictive Current Control with Virtual Voltage VectorsSun, X; Li, T; Tian, X; Zhu, J
2017-11-15Modeling forest above-ground biomass dynamics using multi-source data and incorporated models: A case study over the qilian mountainsTian, X; Yan, M; van der Tol, C; Li, Z; Su, Z; Chen, E; Li, X; Li, L; Wang, X; Pan, X; Gao, L; Han, Z
2015-01-01Multi-task model and feature joint learningLi, Y; Tian, X; Liu, T; Tao, D
2015-01-01Multi-task proximal support vector machineLi, Y; Tian, X; Song, M; Tao, D
2021-12-01Multiobjective and Multiphysics Design Optimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicle ApplicationsSun, X; Wan, B; Lei, G; Tian, X; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2021-11-09Multiobjective Optimization of a Five-Phase Bearingless Permanent Magnet Motor Considering Winding AreaShi, Z; Sun, X; Lei, G; Tian, X; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2018-05-01On better exploring and exploiting task relationships in multitask learning: Joint model and feature learningLi, Y; Tian, X; Liu, T; Tao, D
2018-01-01PageSense: Toward Stylewise Contextual Advertising via Visual Analysis of Web PagesMei, T; Li, L; Tian, X; Tao, D; Ngo, CW
2016-11-01Parallel Processing Systems for Big Data: A SurveyZhang, Y; Cao, T; Li, S; Tian, X; Yuan, L; Jia, H; Vasilakos, AV
2017-01-01Patch reordering: A novel way to achieve rotation and translation invariance in convolutional neural networksShen, X; Tian, X; Sun, S; Tao, D