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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-07-13Dancing on the grid: Using e-Science tools to extend choreographic researchBailey, H; Bachler, M; Shum, SB; Le Blanc, A; Popat, S; Rowley, A; Turner, M
2022-10-01Investigating the role of age and maturation on the association between tennis experience and cognitive function in junior beginner to intermediate-level tennis playersTurner, M; Ishihara, T; Beranek, P; Turner, K; Fransen, J; Born, P; Cruickshank, T
2018-12-01A Plasma Biomarker Panel of Four MicroRNAs for the Diagnosis of Prostate CancerMatin, F; Jeet, V; Moya, L; Selth, LA; Chambers, S; Clements, JA; Batra, J; Yeadon, T; Saunders, P; Eckert, A; Heathcote, P; Wood, G; Malone, G; Samaratunga, H; Collins, A; Turner, M; Kerr, K
2019-08-19Rapid Coral Decay Is Associated with Marine Heatwave Mortality Events on ReefsLeggat, WP; Camp, EF; Suggett, DJ; Heron, SF; Fordyce, AJ; Gardner, S; Deakin, L; Turner, M; Beeching, LJ; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Eakin, CM; Ainsworth, TD
2022-10The Effects of Multimodal Prehabilitation Interventions in Men Affected by Prostate Cancer on Physical, Clinical and Patient Reported Outcome Measures: A Systematic Review.Paterson, C; Roberts, C; Kozlovskaia, M; Nahon, I; Schubach, K; Sara, S; Sayner, AM; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Turner, M; Chan, RJ; Lam, T; Woo, H; Toohey, K
2022-12What are the long-term holistic health consequences of COVID-19 among survivors? An umbrella systematic review.Paterson, C; Davis, D; Roche, M; Bissett, B; Roberts, C; Turner, M; Baldock, E; Mitchell, I