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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A mixed‐methods evaluation of an urban Aboriginal diabetes lifestyle programPower, T; East, L; Gao, Y; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2021-08A systematic review of measures assessing mental health professionals' perspectives of recovery.Gyamfi, N; Bhullar, N; Islam, MS; Usher, K
2005-01-01Adolescent drug abuse: Helping families surviveUsher, K; Jackson, D; O'Brien, L
2014-01-01Australian health professions student use of social mediaUsher, K; Woods, C; Casella, E; Glass, N; Wilson, R; Mayner, L; Jackson, D; Brown, J; Duffy, E; Mather, C; Cummings, E; Irwin, P
2018-05-01Australian nursing students’ knowledge and attitudes towards pressure injury prevention: A cross-sectional studyUsher, K; Woods, C; Brown, J; Power, T; Lea, J; Hutchinson, M; Mather, C; Miller, A; Saunders, A; Mills, J; Zhao, L; Yates, K; Bodak, M; Southern, J; Jackson, D
2017-02-01‘Canaries in the mine’. Parents of adult children with schizophrenia: An integrative review of the literatureKlages, D; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2006-06-01Case study: A bridge across the paradigmsLuck, L; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2019-09-02Characteristics of people with pressure ulcers using one year's routinely collected data in a defined diverse communityJackson, D; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Padula, WV; Usher, K; Gardner, S; Betteridge, R; Durrant, L
2020-11Compassion fatigue in critical care nurses and its impact on nurse-sensitive indicators in Saudi Arabian hospitals.Alharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2019-11-01Compassion fatigue in critical care nurses. An integrative review of the literatureAlharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2021-11-01Compassionate practice in a hospital setting. Experiences of patients and health professionals: A narrative inquiry.Durkin, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2021-02-01Connection to... Addressing Digital Inequities in Supporting the Well-Being of Young Indigenous Australians in the Wake of COVID-19Walker, R; Usher, K; Jackson, D; Reid, C; Hopkins, K; Shepherd, C; Smallwood, R; Marriott, R
2019-01-01Conquering the great divide: Rural mothers of children with chronic health conditions accessing specialist medical care for their childrenBristow, S; Power, T; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2009-12-01Conveying caring: Nurse attributes to avert violence in the EDLuck, L; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-10COVID-19 and social restrictions: the potential mental health impact of social distancing and isolation for young Indigenous Australians.Usher, K; Marriott, R; Smallwood, R; Walker, R; Shepherd, C; Hopkins, K; Skeffington, P; Reid, C; Jackson, D
2021-05-18COVID‐19 and family violence: Is this a perfect storm?Usher, K; Jones, CB; Bhullar, N; Durkin, J; Gyamfi, N; Fatema, SR; Jackson, D
2021-01-01Cultural responsiveness for mental health professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients: a concept analysisSmith, P; Rice, K; Usher, K; Schutte, N
2017-04-01Depression and diabetes in the remote Torres Strait IslandsTaylor, S; McDermott, R; Thompson, F; Usher, K
2021-09-01Dietary behavior of adolescents in the qassim region, saudi arabia: A comparison between cities with and without the healthy cities programAlasqah, I; Mahmud, I; East, L; Alqarawi, N; Usher, K
2019-04-01Does compassion matter in custodial care?Ramluggun, P; Nathoo, S; Jackson, D; Usher, K