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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11An analysis of the resource use and costs of febrile neutropenia events in pediatric cancer patients in Australia.Vargas, C; Haeusler, GM; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; Mechinaud, F; Phillips, R; Thursky, K; Lourenco, RDA; Australian PICNICC Study Group,
2017-09-01Assessment of mental competency of patients, before surgeryRolle, A; Vargas, C; Paredes, S; López, R
2020-07-28Cost utility of a pharmacist-led minor ailment service compared with usual pharmacist care.Dineen-Griffin, S; Vargas, C; Williams, KA; Benrimoj, SI; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-09-16Cost-utility analysis of medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: A microsimulation model.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2018-09-01Costs and consequences of chronic pain due to musculoskeletal disorders from a health system perspective in ChileVargas, C; Bilbeny, N; Balmaceda, C; Rodríguez, MF; Zitko, P; Rojas, R; Eberhard, ME; Ahumada, M; Espinoza, MA
2021-12Different Alternatives to Assess the Burden of Disease Using Attributable Fraction on a Disability Variable: The Case of Pain and Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders in Chile.Zitko, P; Bilbeny, N; Vargas, C; Balmaceda, C; Eberhard, ME; Ahumada, M; Rodríguez, MF; Flores, J; Markkula, N; Espinoza, MA
2019-09-03Economic evaluation of sunitinib versus pazopanib and best supportive care for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in Chile: cost-effectiveness analysis and a mixed treatment comparisonVargas, C; Balmaceda, C; Rodríguez, F; Rojas, R; Giglio, A; Espinoza, MA
2017-12-01Estudio de impacto presupuestal de Daclatasvir asociado a Asunaprevir desde la perspectiva del sistema de salud público chilenoVargas, C; Espinoza, MA; Giglio, A; Soza, A
2021-02-05Medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: a trial based cost-utility analysis.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Balmaceda, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V