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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01A guide to writing a case report of an osteopathic patientVaughan, B; Fleischmann, M
2017-12-21A Mokken analysis of the literacy in musculoskeletal problems questionnaire.Vaughan, B; Mulcahy, J; Coffey, A; Addinsall, L; Ryan, S; Fitzgerald, K
2017-06-01A pilot study to develop a tool for the assessment of students' clinical record keepingMoore, K; Vaughan, B; Cox, A
2018-03-01A Rasch analysis of the Revised Study Process Questionnaire in an Australian osteopathy student cohortVaughan, B
2016-12-01A snap-shot of attrition from the osteopathy profession in AustraliaFitzgerald, K; Vaughan, B
2018-03-21Adaptation of Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) for assessments in podiatryMoore, KM; Vaughan, B; Butterworth, P
2016-03-01Assessment of Australian osteopathic learners' clinical competence during workplace learningMoore, K; Vaughan, B
2023-10-01Assessments Used for Summative Purposes during Internal Medicine Specialist Training: A Rapid ReviewPatterson, S; Shaw, L; Rank, MM; Vaughan, B
2017-03-01Australian osteopathic students' perceptions of interprofessional relationshipsVaughan, B; Moore, K; Macfarlane, C; Grace, S
2018-06-01Blood pressure screening in an Australian osteopathy student-led clinicVaughan, B; Cannon, N; Davies, D; Kourtis, N; Neophitou, S; Mulcahy, J
2018Changes in pain knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of osteopathy students after completing a clinically focused pain education module.Fitzgerald, K; Fleischmann, M; Vaughan, B; de Waal, K; Slater, S; Harbis, J
2021-01-01Characteristics of australian osteopaths managing tendinopathies: Analysis of a nationally representative survey of 989 practitionersVaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Mest, J; Fitzgerald, K; Malliaris, P
2021-11-29Clinical characteristics of Australian osteopaths who teach: A national sampleOrrock, P; Vaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Fitzgerald, K
2020-12-01Clinical characteristics of osteopaths treating work-related injuries in Australia: A cross-sectional studyAdams, J; Peng, W; Steel, A; Vaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Fitzgerald, K; Sibbritt, D
2020-10-07Clinical educator self-efficacy, self-evaluation and its relationship with student evaluations of clinical teaching.Vaughan, B
2016-06-01Confirmatory factor analysis of the Study Process Questionnaire in an Australian osteopathy student populationVaughan, B
2022-02-18Demographic, practice and clinical management characteristics of osteopaths referring to podiatrists: secondary analysis of a nationally representative sample of Australian osteopaths.Fleischmann, M; Vaughan, B; Bird, A; Grace, S; Fitzgerald, K; McLeod, G
2020-01-21Determinants of health, health behaviours and demographic profile of patients attending an Australian university student-led osteopathy clinic.Vaughan, B; Fitzgerald, K; Fleischmann, M; Mulcahy, J
2019-09-01Developing teamwork skills in pre-registration osteopathy education: A qualitative pilot investigationVaughan, B; Grace, S; Yoxall, J
2022-08-05Does the student-led osteopathy clinical learning environment prepare students for practice?Abrey, C; De Silva, N; Godwin, J; Jacotine, T; Raab, D; Urquhart, K; Mumford, K; McLaughlin, P; Vaughan, B