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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-01A Competency Framework for Participatory ModelingElsawah, S; Bakhanova, E; Hämäläinen, RP; Voinov, A
2022-12An analysis of the sustainability goals of digital technology start-ups in BerlinLammers, T; Rashid, L; Kratzer, J; Voinov, A
2019-07-15Analyzing the social impacts of scooters with geo-spatial methodsVoinov, A; Morales, J; Hogenkamp, H
2020Assessing the macroeconomic impacts of individual behavioral changes on carbon emissionsNiamir, L; Kiesewetter, G; Wagner, F; Schöpp, W; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H
2023-01-01Barriers to Community Microgrids in Fragmented Communities: Insights from a Case StudyEklund, M; Khalilpour, K; Voinov, A; Hossain, MJ
-Barriers to Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Networks: A Multi-Dimensional PESTLE AnalysisSun, Z; Tavakoli, S; Khalilpour, K; Voinov, A; Marshall, JP
2022-12-01Battery and hydrogen-based electric vehicle adoption: A survey of Australian consumers perspectiveLoengbudnark, W; Khalilpour, K; Bharathy, G; Taghikhah, F; Voinov, A
2018-01-10Beyond Service-Oriented ArchitecturesBeydoun, G; Voinov, A; Sugumaran, V; Sugumaran, V
2017-01-01Bioenergy from low-intensity agricultural systems: An energy efficiency analysisArodudu, O; Helming, K; Wiggering, H; Voinov, A
2021-03-23Black Boxes and the Role of Modeling in Environmental Policy MakingMaeda, EE; Haapasaari, P; Helle, I; Lehikoinen, A; Voinov, A; Kuikka, S
2022-06-01DAESim: A dynamic agro-ecosystem simulation model for natural capital assessmentTaghikhah, F; Borevitz, J; Costanza, R; Voinov, A
2020-04-01Demand-side solutions for climate mitigation: Bottom-up drivers of household energy behavior change in the Netherlands and SpainNiamir, L; Ivanova, O; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H
2023-10-15Designing a conceptual framework for strategic selection of Bushfire mitigation approaches.Tayari, S; Taghikhah, F; Bharathy, G; Voinov, A
2017-01-01Designing the Distributed Model Integration Framework – DMIFBelete, GF; Voinov, A; Morales, J
2021-06-01Discussoo: Towards an intelligent tool for multi-scale participatory modelingAnjum, M; Voinov, A; Taghikhah, F; Pileggi, SF
2021-09-01Disentangling the relative influence of regeneration processes on marsh plant assembly with a stage-structured plant assembly modelQi, M; Zhao, F; Sun, T; Voinov, A
2020-10-01Ecological impacts and limits of biomass use: a critical reviewArodudu, O; Holmatov, B; Voinov, A
2020-09-01Eliciting, Formalising, And Debiasing Mental Models Through An Online Tool For Serious DiscussionsAnjum, M; Voinov, A; Pileggi, SF; Castilla Rho, J
2021-03-18Evaluating Participatory Modeling Methods for Co‐creating Pathways to SustainabilityMoallemi, EA; de Haan, FJ; Hadjikakou, M; Khatami, S; Malekpour, S; Smajgl, A; Smith, MS; Voinov, A; Bandari, R; Lamichhane, P; Miller, KK; Nicholson, E; Novalia, W; Ritchie, EG; Rojas, AM; Shaikh, MA; Szetey, K; Bryan, BA
2020-07Exploring consumer behavior and policy options in organic food adoption: Insights from the Australian wine sectorTaghikhah, F; Voinov, A; Shukla, N; Filatova, T