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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09A next-generation social media-based relapse prevention intervention for youth depression: Qualitative data on user experience outcomes for social networking, safety, and clinical benefit.Santesteban-Echarri, O; Rice, S; Wadley, G; Lederman, R; D'Alfonso, S; Russon, P; Chambers, R; Miles, CJ; Gilbertson, T; Gleeson, JF; McGorry, PD; Álvarez-Jiménez, M
2022-11-29Co-development is the next step: Participatory Design from First Nations ValuesKutay, C; Zaman, T; Bidwell, NJ; Le Ferrand, É; Belur, SB; Wadley, G; Liebenberg, L; Reitsma, L
2019-12-02Designing for diversity in Aboriginal AustraliaLeong, TW; Lawrence, C; Wadley, G
2019-02-19HORYZONS trial: protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a moderated online social therapy to maintain treatment effects from first-episode psychosis services.Alvarez-Jimenez, M; Bendall, S; Koval, P; Rice, S; Cagliarini, D; Valentine, L; D'Alfonso, S; Miles, C; Russon, P; Penn, DL; Phillips, J; Lederman, R; Wadley, G; Killackey, E; Santesteban-Echarri, O; Mihalopoulos, C; Herrman, H; Gonzalez-Blanch, C; Gilbertson, T; Lal, S; Chambers, R; Daglas-Georgiou, R; Latorre, C; Cotton, SM; McGorry, PD; Gleeson, JF
2019-12-02Indigenous HClLawrence, C; Leong, TW; Brereton, M; Taylor, JL; Bidwell, N; Wadley, G
2018-08Moderated online social therapy for depression relapse prevention in young people: pilot study of a 'next generation' online intervention.Rice, S; Gleeson, J; Davey, C; Hetrick, S; Parker, A; Lederman, R; Wadley, G; Murray, G; Herrman, H; Chambers, R; Russon, P; Miles, C; D'Alfonso, S; Thurley, M; Chinnery, G; Gilbertson, T; Eleftheriadis, D; Barlow, E; Cagliarini, D; Toh, J-W; McAlpine, S; Koval, P; Bendall, S; Jansen, JE; Hamilton, M; McGorry, P; Alvarez-Jimenez, M
2020-04-21On Being Iterated: The Affective Demands of Design ParticipationDourish, P; Lawrence, C; Leong, TW; Wadley, G
2017-11-28#thismymob: Digital land rights and reconnecting indigenous communities. ozchi workshop brisbane 2017Lawrence, C; Leong, TW; Gay, V; Woods, A; Wadley, G
2019-12-02Use of music streaming platforms for emotion regulation by international studentsWadley, G; Krause, A; Liang, J; Wang, Z; Leong, TW