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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-10Big Oil, Whales and Offshore Wind: Fossil-funded Atlas Network 'think-tank' disinformation is driving misinformed community opposition to the Illawarra Renewable Energy ZoneWalker, J
2016Comparison of remotely sensed and modelled soil moisture data sets across AustraliaHolgate, CM; De Jeu, RAM; van Dijk, AIJM; Liu, YY; Renzullo, LJ; Vinodkumar,; Dharssi, I; Parinussa, RM; Van Der Schalie, R; Gevaert, A; Walker, J; McJannet, D; Cleverly, J; Haverd, V; Trudinger, CM; Briggs, PR
2006Effect of mutual coupling on torque production in switched reluctance motorsWalker, J; Dorrell, D; Cossar, C
2007-08-20Efficient slow light coupling into photonic crystalsDe Sterke, CM; Walker, J; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC
2021-06-19Fossil capital, ‘unquantifiable risk’ and neoliberal nationalizations: the case of the Trans Mountain Pipeline in CanadaTienhaara, K; Walker, J
2022-05-24Freedom to burn: mining propaganda, fossil capital and the Australian neoliberalsWalker, J; Slobodian, Q; Plehwe, D
2011-04-01Genealogies of resilience: From systems ecology to the political economy of crisis adaptationWalker, J; Cooper, M
2017-09-01Guest Editorial to the special issue ‘Politics of Anticipation: On knowing and governing environmental futures’Granjou, C; Walker, J; Salazar, JF
2016-10-31An introduction to the Australian and New Zealand flux tower network - OzFluxBeringer, J; Hutley, LB; McHugh, I; Arndt, SK; Campbell, D; Cleugh, HA; Cleverly, J; De Dios, VR; Eamus, D; Evans, B; Ewenz, C; Grace, P; Griebel, A; Haverd, V; Hinko-Najera, N; Huete, A; Isaac, P; Kanniah, K; Leuning, R; Liddell, MJ; MacFarlane, C; Meyer, W; Moore, C; Pendall, E; Phillips, A; Phillips, RL; Prober, SM; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Rutledge, S; Schroder, I; Silberstein, R; Southall, P; Sun Yee, M; Tapper, NJ; Van Gorsel, E; Vote, C; Walker, J; Wardlaw, T
2017-09-01MELiSSA the minimal biosphere: Human life, waste and refuge in deep spaceWalker, J; Granjou, C
2020-07-21More heat than life: the tangled roots of ecology, energy and economicsWalker, J
2018-11-01On mineral sovereignty: Towards a political theory of geological powerWalker, J; Johnson, M
2017-09-01The politics of anticipation: On knowing and governing environmental futuresGranjou, C; Walker, J; Salazar, JF
2017-04-18Preparing linked population data for research: cohort study of prisoner perinatal health outcomes.Hilder, L; Walker, J; Levy, M; Sullivan, E
2016-01-01Promises that matter: Reconfiguring ecology in the ecotronsGranjou, C; Walker, J
2023-09-30Silencing the Voice: the fossil-fuelled Atlas Network’s campaign against constitutional recognition of Indigenous AustraliaWalker, J
2022-12-14The Affective Dimension of Crisis Subjects: Teaching Environmental Communication through Intersecting CrisesLeimbach, T; Kent, J; Walker, J
2021-07-01'The Mises Network and Climate Policy': Policy Briefing No. 2.Plehwe, D; Goldenbaum, M; Ramanujam, A; McKie, R; Ekberg, K; Hall, G; Walker, J; Araldi, L; Brulle, R; Neujeffski, M; Graham, N; Hrubes, M; Slobodian, Q
2012-03-01The Wild Life of Pesticides: Urban agriculture, institutional responsibility, and the future of biodiversity in Sydney's Hawkesbury-Nepean RiverPlant, R; Walker, J; Rayburg, S; Gothe, J; Leung, T
2013-07-01Worlds to endure: Weathering disorder from Arnhem Land to ChicagoWalker, J