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2022-12Benefits of supportive strategies for carers of people with high-grade glioma: a systematic review : Strategies for addressing the needs of high-grade glioma carers.Jones, D; Pinkham, MB; Wallen, MP; Hart, NH; Joseph, R; Strodl, E; Ownsworth, T; Beesley, V; Crichton, M; Chan, RJ
2022-10Diet and exercise advice and referrals for cancer survivors: an integrative review of medical and nursing perspectives.Joseph, R; Hart, NH; Bradford, N; Agbejule, OA; Koczwara, B; Chan, A; Wallen, MP; Chan, RJ
2022-06-26Dietary Supplements in People with Metastatic Cancer Who Are Experiencing Malnutrition, Cachexia, Sarcopenia, and Frailty: A Scoping Review.Johal, J; Han, CY; Joseph, R; Munn, Z; Agbejule, OA; Crawford-Williams, F; Wallen, MP; Chan, RJ; Hart, NH
2023-01-01Essential elements of optimal dietary and exercise referral practices for cancer survivors: expert consensus for medical and nursing health professionals.Joseph, R; Hart, NH; Bradford, N; Wallen, MP; Han, CY; Pinkham, EP; Hanley, B; Lock, G; Wyld, D; Wishart, L; Koczwara, B; Chan, A; Agbejule, OA; Crichton, M; Teleni, L; Holland, JJ; Edmiston, K; Naumann, L; Brown, T; Chan, RJ
2023-11-28Exercise and the gut microbiome: implications for supportive care in cancer.Hart, NH; Wallen, MP; Farley, MJ; Haywood, D; Boytar, AN; Secombe, K; Joseph, R; Chan, RJ; Kenkhuis, M-F; Buffart, LM; Skinner, TL; Wardill, HR
2023-06-26Patient navigation across the cancer care continuum: An overview of systematic reviews and emerging literature.Chan, RJ; Milch, VE; Crawford-Williams, F; Agbejule, OA; Joseph, R; Johal, J; Dick, N; Wallen, MP; Ratcliffe, J; Agarwal, A; Nekhlyudov, L; Tieu, M; Al-Momani, M; Turnbull, S; Sathiaraj, R; Keefe, D; Hart, NH