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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-01Corporate fraud culture: Re-examining the corporate governance and performance relationTan, DT; Chapple, L; Walsh, KD
2017-04-01Corporate governance and the probability of defaultSchultz, EL; Tan, DT; Walsh, KD
2004-01Cost of Risk Transfer: Pricing Agreements in ResidentialWalsh, KD; Bashford, HH; Sawhney, A; Witjakso, A
2015How prevalent are post-completion audits in Australia?Clarke, K; Walsh, KD; Flanagan, J
2009-01Impact of Inspected Buffers on Production Parameters of Construction ProcessesSawhney, A; Walsh, KD; Bashford, HH; Palaniappan, S
2003-01Implications of even flow production methodology for US housing industryBashford, HH; Sawhney, A; Walsh, KD; Kot, K
2006-01Improving inter-spatial comparison of construction costsWalsh, KD; Sawhney, A; Vachris, MA
2005-01International comparison of cost for the construction sector: Purchasing power parityWalsh, KD; Sawhney, A; Brown, A
2004-01International comparison of cost for the construction sector: Towards a conceptual modelSawhney, A; Walsh, KD; Brown, A
2021Pitching Research for Engagement and Impact – A Simple Tool and Illustrative ExamplesFaff, RW; Kastelle, T; Axelsen, M; Brosnan, M; Michalak, R; Walsh, KD
2007-01Production equations for unsteady-state construction processesWalsh, KD; Sawhney, A; Bashford, HH
2005-01Production system loading-cycle time relationship in residential constructionBashford, HH; Walsh, KD; Sawhney, A
2011-04-01Psychodynamic perspectives on organizational change and their relevance to Transformational Practice DevelopmentWalsh, KD; Crisp, J; Moss, C
2015Renminbi Trade Invoicing: Benefits, impediments and tipping pointsWalsh, KD