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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01-01Adaptation to climate change of wheat growing in South Australia: Analysis of management and breeding strategiesLuo, Q; Bellotti, W; Williams, M; Wang, E
2011-01-01Characterizing spatial and temporal variability of crop yield caused by climate and irrigation in the North China PlainChen, C; Baethgen, WE; Wang, E; Yu, Q
2008-11-30Climate, agricultural production and hydrological balance in the North China PlainWang, E; Yu, Q; Wu, D; Xia, J
2019-03-01Conformal bent dielectric resonator antennas with curving ground planeBoyuan, M; Pan, J; Wang, E; Luo, Y
2019-09-01Dynamic response of sandwich panel with hierarchical honeycomb cores subject to blast loadingSun, G; Zhang, J; Li, S; Fang, J; Wang, E; Li, Q
2008-03-13Effects of climatic variation and warming on rice development across South ChinaLu, PL; Yu, Q; Wang, E; Liu, JD; Xu, SH
2021-10-01Estimating ecosystem maximum light use efficiency based on the water use efficiency principleGan, R; Zhang, L; Yang, Y; Wang, E; Woodgate, W; Zhang, Y; Haverd, V; Kong, D; Fischer, T; Chiew, F; Yu, Q
2019-01-01Fixing and Aligning Methods for Dielectric Resonator Antennas in K Band and BeyondBoyuan, M; Pan, J; Wang, E; Luo, Y
2022-09-15High-temperature and dynamic mechanical characterization of closed-cell aluminum foamsWang, E; Yao, R; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Lv, G; Sun, G
2018-06-15Identifying key meteorological factors to yield variation of potato and the optimal planting date in the agro-pastoral ecotone in North ChinaTang, J; Wang, J; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yin, H; He, D; Pan, X
2013-05-01Impact of agricultural management practices on soil organic carbon: Simulation of Australian wheat systemsZhao, G; Bryan, BA; King, D; Luo, Z; Wang, E; Song, X; Yu, Q
2008-12-01Impact of spatial-temporal variations of climatic variables on summer maize yield in North China PlainWu, D; Yu, Q; Wang, E; Hengsdijk, H
2022-08-01Investigation into multiaxial mechanical behaviors of Kelvin and Octet-B polymeric closed-cell foamsZheng, G; Zhang, L; Wang, E; Yao, R; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2017-07-01IoT Infrastructure and Potential Application to Smart Grid CommunicationsRana, MM; Xiang, W; Wang, E; Jia, M
2018-04-01IoT-Based state estimation for microgridsRana, MM; Xiang, W; Wang, E
2013-03-01Large-scale, high-resolution agricultural systems modeling using a hybrid approach combining grid computing and parallel processingZhao, G; Bryan, BA; King, D; Luo, Z; Wang, E; Bende-Michl, U; Song, X; Yu, Q
2010-06-01Measurement and simulation of diurnal variations in water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency in an irrigated wheat-maize field in the North China PlainWang, J; Zhao, T; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yang, X; Feng, L; Pana, X
2010-05-01Modeling wheat and maize productivity as affected by climate variation and irrigation supply in North China plainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
2008-02-01A modelling investigation into the economic and environmental values of 'perfect' climate forecasts for wheat production under contrasting rainfall conditionsYu, Q; Wang, E; Smith, CJ
2011-11-01Modelling nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emission from soil in an incubation experimentXing, H; Wang, E; Smith, CJ; Rolston, D; Yu, Q