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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-01Are relational contracting principles applicable to public construction projects?Ke, Y; Ling, FYY; Kumaraswamy, MM; Wang, SQ; Zou, PXW; Ning, Y
2019-06-01Effects of Light Component and Water Stress on Photosynthesis of Amazon Rainforests During the 2015/2016 El Niño DroughtYan, H; Wang, SQ; Huete, A; Shugart, HH
2013Effects of Relationships on Public Project Delivery Process in China: A Case StudyKe, Y; Ling, FYY; Wang, SQ
2011-07-01Empirical study of risk assessment and allocation of public-private partnership projects in ChinaChan, APC; Yeung, JFY; Yu, CCP; Wang, SQ; Ke, Y
2011Equitable Risk Allocation in Chinese Public–Private Partnership Power ProjectsKe, Y; Wang, SQ; Chan, APC; Wu, D
2011-08-01Equitable risks allocation of projects inside China: Analyses from Delphi survey studiesKe, Y; Wang, SQ; Chan, APC
2012-06-01Positive and Negative Factors Influencing the Implementation of Relational Contracting in Public Construction Projects in AustraliaKe, Y; Ling, FYY; Zou, PXW; Wang, SQ; Kumaraswamy, MM
2013-05-15PPP project risk relationships based on the interpretive structure modelSheng, H; Liang, W; Wang, SQ; Ke, Y
2015-09-16Public private partnership development in ChinaKe, Y; Wang, SQ
2012Public-Private Partnership Implementation in ChinaWang, SQ; Ke, Y; Xie, J; Winch, GM; Onishi, M; Schmidt, S
2016Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in China: the past, present and futureXie, J; Wang, SQ; Jefferies, M; Ke, Y; Jefferies, M; Rowlinson, S
2013-07-01Risk Misallocation in Public-Private Partnership Projects in ChinaKe, Y; Wang, SQ; Chan, APC
2017-11-01Simulation of the Unexpected Photosynthetic Seasonality in Amazonian Evergreen Forests by Using an Improved Diffuse Fraction-Based Light Use Efficiency ModelYan, H; Wang, SQ; da Rocha, HR; Rap, A; Bonal, D; Butt, N; Coupe, NR; Shugart, HH