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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06-073D mesoporous hybrid NiCo<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>@graphene nanoarchitectures as electrode materials for supercapacitors with enhanced performancesWei, Y; Chen, S; Su, D; Sun, B; Zhu, J; Wang, G
2021-09A facile oxygen vacancy and bandgap control of Bi(OH)SO<sub>4</sub>·H<sub>2</sub>O for achieving enhanced photocatalytic remediation.Ma, M; Liu, Y; Wei, Y; Hao, D; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2020A Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel InverterMhiesan, H; Wei, Y; Siwakoti, Y; Mantooth, A
2021-11-05A label-free Exonuclease I-assisted fluorescence aptasensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of silver ions.Wei, Z; Lan, Y; Zhang, C; Jia, J; Niu, W; Wei, Y; Fu, S; Yun, K
2022-01-01A readily synthesized bismuth oxyiodide/attapulgite for the photodegradation of tetracycline under visible light irradiationLi, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ni, BJ; Wei, Y; Xu, B; Hao, D
2018-06-08Accreditation Standard Guideline Initiative for Tai Chi and Qigong Instructors and Training Institutions.Oh, B; Yeung, A; Klein, P; Larkey, L; Ee, C; Zaslawski, C; Knobf, T; Payne, P; Stener-Victorin, E; Lee, R; Choi, W; Chun, M; Bonucci, M; Lang, H-D; Pavlakis, N; Boyle, F; Clarke, S; Back, M; Yang, P; Wei, Y; Guo, X; Weng, C-HD; Irwin, MR; Elfiky, AA; Rosenthal, D
2018-12-14Adversarial Complementary Learning for Weakly Supervised Object LocalizationZhang, X; Wei, Y; Feng, J; Yang, Y; Huang, T
2023-01-01Adversarially Masking Synthetic to Mimic Real: Adaptive Noise Injection for Point Cloud Segmentation AdaptationLi, G; Kang, G; Wang, X; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2022-11Affinity Attention Graph Neural Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation.Zhang, B; Xiao, J; Jiao, J; Wei, Y; Zhao, Y
2022-01-10Boosted selective catalytic nitrate reduction to ammonia on carbon/bismuth/bismuth oxide photocatalystsHao, D; Wei, Y; Mao, L; Bai, X; Liu, Y; Xu, B; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2022-01-01Caption-aided Product Detection via Collaborative Pseudo-Label HarmonizationDong, X; Zhang, G; Zhan, X; Ding, Y; Wei, Y; Lu, M; Liang, X
2023-10-01Carbon-negative co-production of methanol and activated carbon from bagasse pyrolysis, physical activation, chemical looping, and methanol synthesisSu, G; Zulkifli, NWM; Liu, L; Ong, HC; Ibrahim, S; Yu, KL; Wei, Y; Bin, F
2023-06CCNet: Criss-Cross Attention for Semantic Segmentation.Huang, Z; Wang, X; Wei, Y; Huang, L; Shi, H; Liu, W; Huang, TS
2023Collaborative Content-Dependent Modeling: A Return to the Roots of Salient Object Detection.Jiao, S; Goel, V; Navasardyan, S; Yang, Z; Khachatryan, L; Yang, Y; Wei, Y; Zhao, Y; Shi, H
2020-01-01Collaborative Video Object Segmentation by Foreground-Background IntegrationYang, Z; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2022-05-18Collaborative Video Object Segmentation by Multi-Scale Foreground-Background IntegrationYang, Z; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2020-01-01Combined General Vector Machine for Single Point Electricity Load ForecastYong, B; Wei, Y; Shen, J; Li, F; Jiang, X; Zhou, Q
2023-01-01Compatible Transformer for Irregularly Sa: Multivariate Time SeriesWei, Y; Peng, J; He, T; Xu, C; Zhang, J; Pan, S; Chen, S
2020Consistent Structural Relation Learning for Zero-Shot SegmentationLi, P; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2020-01-01Content-Consistent Matching for Domain Adaptive Semantic SegmentationLi, G; Kang, G; Liu, W; Wei, Y; Yang, Y