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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09-07Adaptation patterns in premium office buildings over time in the Melbourne CBDWilkinson, S
2018-11-30Algae Building Technology Energy Efficient Retrofit Potential in Sydney Housing.Wilkinson, S; Stoller, P; Kaparaju, P; Littlewood, J; Howlett, R; Vlacic, L; Ekanyake, C
2019-01-01Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable TechnologyWilkinson, S; Ralph, P; Biloria, NM; Biloria, N
2012-11-02Analysing sustainable retrofit potential in premium office buildingsWilkinson, S
2019-01-16Applying A Circular Economy Approach To Sustainable Housing Adaptation In Sydney.Wilkinson, S; Porto Valente, C
2015-01-01The arable city: Quantifying the potential for urban agriculture in the 21st century metropolisOsmond, P; Corkery, L; Wilkinson, S; Thompson, S; Hawken, S
2013-06-01Are sustainable building retrofits delivering sustainable outcomes?Wilkinson, S
2014-04-01Assessing the immediate and short-term impact of flooding on residential property participant behaviourEves, C; Wilkinson, S
2015-07-08BIM and the Value Dimension: A Commercial Property Development and Management PerspectiveWilkinson, S; Jupp, JR
2015-01-01Building approval data and the quantification of sustainability over time: A case study of Australia and EnglandWilkinson, S
2018-08-13Building Resilience in Urban SettlementsWilkinson, S; Osmond, P
2018-04-01Conclusions on Building Resilience through Change of Use Adaptation: A Manifesto for the FutureWilkinson, SJ; Wilkinson, S; Remoy, H
2020-02-28Decarbonising Real Estate: The Evolving Relationship Between Energy Efficiency and Housing in EuropeWilkinson, S; Sayce, S
2016-01-01EditorialWilkinson, S
2018-08-20Educators, professional bodies and the future of the valuation professionWilkinson, S; Halvitigala, D; Antoniades, H
2006-10-31The employers' perspective of the impact of RICS education reform on building surveyingHoxley, M; Wilkinson, S
2019-03-06Energy efficiency and residential values: a changing European landscapeWilkinson, S; Sayce, S
2018-12-05Evaluating factors influencing the uncontrolled growth of urban-rural belt – a case study of Delhi, IndiaRay, M; Ghosh, S; Wilkinson, S
2017-01-01Evaluating the Thermal Performance of Retrofitted Lightweight Green Roofs and Walls in Sydney and Rio de JaneiroWilkinson, S; Feitosa, RC; Kaga, IT; Franceschi, IHD
2016-08-17The evolution of green leases: towards inter-organizational environmental governanceJanda, KB; Bright, S; Patrick, J; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, TJ