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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Analysis of the distribution and evolution of the ATP-dependent DNA ligases of bacteria delineates a distinct phylogenetic group 'Lig E'Williamson, A; Hjerde, E; Kahlke, T
2012-08-01A comparison of attitudes and knowledge of beach safety in Australia for beachgoers, rural residents and international touristsWilliamson, A; Hatfield, J; Sherker, S; Brander, R; Hayen, A
2002-01Design for a Culturally Affirming Indigenous Computer Literacy CourseDyson, LE; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
2002-01Designing Learning Activities for Learning ObjectsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
2012-01-01Development and evaluation of an intervention to reduce rip current related beach drowningHatfield, J; Williamson, A; Sherker, S; Brander, R; Hayen, A
2022-05-15Evaluating the effectiveness of a science-based community beach safety intervention: The Science of the Surf (SOS) presentationBrander, RW; Williamson, A; Dunn, N; Hatfield, J; Sherker, S; Hayen, A
2002-01Sim Assessment: enhancing academics under-standing of assessment through computer simulationAlexander, SA; Kandlbinder, PA; Howson, E; Lukito, L; Francois, A; Housego, SC; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
2023-02-20Social and Behavioural Correlates of High Physical Activity Levels among Aboriginal Adolescent Participants of the Next Generation: Youth Wellbeing Study.Macniven, R; McKay, CD; Graham, S; Gubhaju, L; Williams, R; Williamson, A; Joshy, G; Evans, JR; Roseby, R; Porykali, B; Yashadhana, A; Ivers, R; Eades, S
2023-10The effect of general practice contact on cancer stage at diagnosis in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents of New South Wales.Banham, D; Roder, D; Thompson, S; Williamson, A; Bray, F; Currow, D