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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-01Are Gypsy Roma Traveller communities indigenous and would identification as such better address their public health needs?Heaslip, V; Wilson, D; Jackson, D
2019-01-01Aroha and Manaakitanga—That’s What It Is About: Indigenous Women, “Love,” and Interpersonal ViolenceWilson, D; Mikahere-Hall, A; Jackson, D; Cootes, K; Sherwood, J
2015-07-01Competing Conceptions of Victims of Domestic Violence within Legal ProcessesStubbs, J; Wangmann, JM; Wilson, D; Ross, S
2016-07-02Confidence and connectedness: Indigenous Māori women’s views on personal safety in the context of intimate partner violenceWilson, D; Jackson, D; Herd, R
-COVID‐19 and Indigenous Peoples: an imperative for actionPower, T; Wilson, D; Best, O; Brockie, T; Bourque Bearskin, L; Millender, E; Lowe, J
2004-01-01Critical barriers for software process improvement implementation: An empirical studyNiazi, M; Wilson, D; Zowghi, D; Hamza, MH
2013-01-05Critical research needs for managing coral reef marine protected areas: Perspectives of academics and managersCvitanovic, C; Wilson, SK; Fulton, CJ; Almany, GR; Anderson, P; Babcock, RC; Ban, NC; Beeden, RJ; Beger, M; Cinner, J; Dobbs, K; Evans, LS; Farnham, A; Friedman, KJ; Gale, K; Gladstone, W; Grafton, Q; Graham, NAJ; Gudge, S; Harrison, PL; Holmes, TH; Johnstone, N; Jones, GP; Jordan, A; Kendrick, AJ; Klein, CJ; Little, LR; Malcolm, HA; Morris, D; Possingham, HP; Prescott, J; Pressey, RL; Skilleter, GA; Simpson, C; Waples, K; Wilson, D; Williamson, DH
2006-03-01Critical success factors for software process improvement implementation: An empirical studyNiazi, M; Wilson, D; Zowghi, D
2021-10Cultural Safety and Indigenous authority in nursing and midwifery education and practice.Power Wiradjuri, T; Wilson, D; Geia, L; West, R; Brockie, T; Clark, TC; Bearskin, LB; Lowe, J; Millender, E; Smallwood, R; Best, O
2001-01Discovery and Structure of a Potent and highly Specific Blocker of Insect Calcium ChannelsWang, X; Connor, M; Wilson, D; Wilson, HI; Nicholson, GM; Smith, R; Shaw, D; Mackay, J; Alewood, PF; Christie, M; King, GF
2014-03-05Diversification of a single ancestral gene into a successful toxin superfamily in highly venomous Australian funnel-web spidersPineda, SS; Sollod, BL; Wilson, D; Darling, A; Sunagar, K; Undheim, EAB; Kely, L; Antunes, A; Fry, BG; King, GF
2014-09-25The DSM-5 criteria, level of arousal and delirium diagnosis: Inclusiveness is saferBoustani, M; Rudolph, J; Shaughnessy, M; Gruber-Baldini, A; Alici, Y; Arora, RC; Campbell, N; Flaherty, J; Gordon, S; Kamholz, B; Maldonado, JR; Pandharipande, P; Parks, J; Waszynski, C; Khan, B; Neufeld, K; Olofsson, B; Thomas, C; Young, J; Davis, D; Laurila, J; Page, V; Teodorczuk, A; Agar, M; Meagher, D; Spiller, J; Schieveld, J; Milisen, K; de Rooij, S; van Munster, B; Kreisel, S; Cerejeira, J; Hasemann, W; Wilson, D; Cunningham, C; Morandi, A; Slooter, A; Detroyer, E; Caraceni, A; MacLullich, A
2003-01-01Exploring the relationship between experience and group performance in software reviewWong, YK; Wilson, D
2005-01-01A framework for assisting the design of effective software process improvement implementation strategiesNiazi, M; Wilson, D; Zowghi, D
2001-12The glycaemic index values of Vietnamese foods.Chan, HM; Brand-Miller, JC; Holt, SH; Wilson, D; Rozman, M; Petocz, P
2021-12How do Pacific Island countries add up on contraception, abortion and reproductive coercion? Guidance from the Guttmacher report on investing in sexual and reproductive healthDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Wilson, D; Noovao-Hill, A; Panisi, L; Takala, B; Black, K; Bateson, D
2006-01-01Implementing software process improvement initiatives: An empirical studyNiazi, M; Wilson, D; Zowghi, D
2018-10-01Improving equity and cultural responsiveness with marginalised communities: Understanding competing worldviewsWilson, D; Heaslip, V; Jackson, D
2022Indigenous social exclusion to inclusion: Case studies on Indigenous nursing leadership in four high income countries.Brockie, T; Clark, TC; Best, O; Power, T; Bourque Bearskin, L; Kurtz, DLM; Lowe, J; Wilson, D
2021-10-01Indigenous women's experiences of diabetes in pregnancy: A thematic synthesisPower, T; Wilson, D; East, L; Cashman, B; Wannell, J; Jackson, D