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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Acupuncture as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of depressionWilson, KJ
2019-07-01Localisation of the Lines of Response in a Continuous Cylindrical Shell PET ScannerWilson, KJ; Alabd, R; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR; Safavi-Naeini, M
2018-01-01New breeding records of seabirds at carnley harbour (Auckland Islands), cossack rock (Campbell Island) and south coast of the snaresWilson, KJ; Barthel, A; Lipson, M; Fogwill, C; Turney, C
2020-12-01Optimisation of monolithic nanocomposite and transparent ceramic scintillation detectors for positron emission tomographyWilson, KJ; Alabd, R; Abolhasan, M; Safavi-Naeini, M; Franklin, DR
2018-10-18A simulation study of BrachyShade, a shadow-based internal source tracking system for HDR prostate brachytherapyAlabd, R; Safavi-Naeini, M; Wilson, KJ; Rosenfeld, AB; Franklin, DR
2016-01-01The impact of the giant iceberg B09B on population size and breeding success of Adélie penguins in Commonwealth Bay, AntarcticaWilson, KJ; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Blair, E
2017-03-15Tropical forcing of increased Southern Ocean climate variability revealed by a 140-year subantarctic temperature reconstructionTurney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Palmer, JG; Van Sebille, E; Thomas, Z; McGlone, M; Richardson, S; Wilmshurst, JM; Fenwick, P; Zunz, V; Goosse, H; Wilson, KJ; Carter, L; Lipson, M; Jones, RT; Harsch, M; Clark, G; Marzinelli, E; Rogers, T; Rainsley, E; Ciasto, L; Waterman, S; Thomas, ER; Visbeck, M