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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04-01Ageing and long-term CD4 cell count trends in HIV-positive patients with 5 years or more combination antiretroviral therapy experienceWright, ST; Petoumenos, K; Boyd, M; Carr, A; Downing, S; O'Connor, CC; Grotowski, M; Law, MG
2011-09-01CD4 cell responses to combination antiretroviral therapy in patients starting therapy at high CD4 cell countsWright, ST; Carr, A; Woolley, I; Giles, M; Hoy, J; Cooper, DA; Law, MG
2019-01-01Completeness and accuracy of self-reported history of blood donation: results from a cohort of older adults in AustraliaKarki, S; Davison, TE; Thijsen, A; Gemelli, CN; Irving, DO; Wright, ST
2014-05-01Determinants of viremia copy-years in people with HIV/AIDS after initiation of antiretroviral therapyWright, ST; Hoy, J; Mulhall, B; O'connor, CC; Petoumenos, K; Read, T; Smith, D; Woolley, I; Boyd, MA
2012-02-01Distance-based multivariate analyses confound location and dispersion effectsWarton, DI; Wright, ST; Wang, Y
2018-03-01Evaluation of the impact of a personalized postdonation short messaging service on the retention of whole blood donorsGemelli, CN; Carver, A; Garn, A; Wright, ST; Davison, TE
2012-06-01Mvabund- an R package for model-based analysis of multivariate abundance dataWang, Y; Naumann, U; Wright, ST; Warton, DI
2018-03-15A novel case-control subsampling approach for rapid model exploration of large clustered binary dataWright, ST; Ryan, LM; Pham, T
2019-01-01Retrospective study of hepatitis C outcomes and treatment in HIV co-infected persons from the Australian HIV Observational DatabasePuhr, R; Wright, ST; Hoy, JF; Templeton, DJ; Durier, N; Matthews, GV; Russell, D; Law, MG
2015-04-10Temporal trends of time to antiretroviral treatment initiation, interruption and modification: Examination of patients diagnosed with advanced HIV in AustraliaWright, ST; Law, MG; Cooper, DA; Keen, P; McDonald, A; Middleton, M; Woolley, I; Kelly, M; Petoumenos, K; Ellis, D; Bloch, M; Agrawal, S; Vincent, T; Allen, D; Little, JL; Smith, D; Mincham, C; Baker, D; Ieroklis, V; Templeton, DJ; O'Connor, CC; Phan, S; Jackson, E; McCallum, K; Grotowski, M; Taylor, S; Carr, A; Lee, F; Hesse, K; Sinn, K; Norris, R; Finlayson, R; Prone, I; Patel, A; Varma, R; Shakeshaft, J; Brown, K; McGrath, V; Halligan, S; Wray, L; Read, P; Lu, H; Couldwell, D; Furner, V; Fernando, S; Chuah, J; Watson, J; Lawrence, C; Mulhall, B; McManus, H; Bendall, C; Boyd, M; Ryder, N; Payne, R; Russell, D; Doyle-Adams, S; Sowden, D; Taing, K; McGill, K; Orth, D; Youds, D; Gibson, A; Magon, H; Dickson, B; Donohue, W; Moore, R; Edwards, S; Liddle, R; Locke, P; Roth, NJ; Lau, H; Read, T; Silvers, J; Zeng, W; Hoy, J; Watson, K; Bryant, M; Price, S; Giles, M; Williams, J; Nolan, D; Robinson, J; Morwood, K; Roth, N; Choong, K; Li, PCK; Lee, MP; Vanar, S; Faridah, S; Kamarulzaman, A; Choi, JY; Vannary, B; Ditangco, R; Tsukada, K; Pujari, S; Makane, A; Ng, OT; Sasisopin, AJ
2015-12-17Treatment and disease outcomes of migrants from low- and middle-income countries in the Australian HIV Observational Database cohortTilley, DM; Griggs, E; Hoy, J; Wright, ST; Woolley, I; Burke, M; O’Connor, CC