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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01Air-Ground Integrated Sensing and Communications: Opportunities and ChallengesFei, Z; Wang, X; Wu, N; Huang, J; Zhang, JA
2021-02-16Australia IBD Microbiome (AIM) Study: protocol for a multicentre longitudinal prospective cohort study.Williams, A-J; Paramsothy, R; Wu, N; Ghaly, S; Leach, S; Paramsothy, S; Corte, C; O'Brien, C; Burke, C; Wark, G; Samocha-Bonet, D; Lambert, K; Ahlenstiel, G; Wasinger, V; Dutt, S; Pavli, P; Grimm, M; Lemberg, D; Connor, S; Leong, R; Hold, G
2015-04-14Band gap narrowing in nitrogen-doped La<inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>2</inf>O<inf>7</inf> predicted by density-functional theory calculationsZhang, J; Dang, W; Ao, Z; Cushing, SK; Wu, N
2020-05-01Factor Graph Based Message Passing Algorithms for Joint Phase-Noise Estimation and Decoding in OFDM-IMShi, Q; Wu, N; Wang, H; Ma, X; Hanzo, L
2016-04-14A Fluorescence Approach to Assess the Production of Soluble Microbial Products from Aerobic Granular Sludge under the Stress of 2,4-DichlorophenolWei, D; Dong, H; Wu, N; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Du, B; Wei, Q
2018-07-20Gaussian message passing based passive localization in the presence of receiver detection failuresYuan, W; Shi, Q; Wu, N; Guo, Q; Huang, X
2022-03-01Generalized Approximate Message Passing Equalization for Multi-Carrier Faster-Than-Nyquist SignalingMa, Y; Wu, N; Zhang, JA; Li, B; Hanzo, L
2017-08-01Interface passivation using ultrathin polymer-fullerene films for high-efficiency perovskite solar cells with negligible hysteresisPeng, J; Wu, Y; Ye, W; Jacobs, DA; Shen, H; Fu, X; Wan, Y; Duong, T; Wu, N; Barugkin, C; Nguyen, HT; Zhong, D; Li, J; Lu, T; Liu, Y; Lockrey, MN; Weber, KJ; Catchpole, KR; White, TP
2020-02-01Iterative Receiver Design for FTN Signaling Aided Sparse Code Multiple AccessYuan, W; Wu, N; Zhang, A; Huang, X; Li, Y; Hanzo, L
2021-12-01Joint Phase Noise Estimation and Decoding in OFDM-IMShi, Q; Wu, N; Wang, H; Nguyen, DN; Huang, X
2017-08-16Light and Electrically Induced Phase Segregation and Its Impact on the Stability of Quadruple Cation High Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells.Duong, T; Mulmudi, HK; Wu, Y; Fu, X; Shen, H; Peng, J; Wu, N; Nguyen, HT; Macdonald, D; Lockrey, M; White, TP; Weber, K; Catchpole, K
2018-12-15Light and elevated temperature induced degradation (LeTID) in perovskite solar cells and development of stable semi-transparent cellsDuong, T; Wu, YL; Shen, H; Peng, J; Zhao, S; Wu, N; Lockrey, M; White, T; Weber, K; Catchpole, K
2018-12-01A low-complexity energy-minimization-based SCMA detector and its convergence analysisYuan, W; Wu, N; Yan, C; Li, Y; Huang, X; Hanzo, L
2021-11-15Low-Complexity Iterative Detection for Dual-Mode Index Modulation in Dispersive Nonlinear Satellite ChannelsShi, Q; Wu, N; Nguyen, D; Huang, X; Wang, H; Hanzo, L
2021-12-01Parametric Bilinear Iterative Generalized Approximate Message Passing Reception of FTN Multi-Carrier SignalingMa, Y; Wu, N; Zhang, JA; Li, B; Hanzo, L
2023-01-01The Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder Through Wearable fNIRS by Using Wavelet Transform and Parallel-CNN Feature FusionWang, G; Wu, N; Tao, Y; Lee, WH; Cao, Z; Yan, X; Wang, G
2019-01-01TOA-based passive localization constructed over factor graphs: A unified frameworkYuan, W; Wu, N; Guo, Q; Huang, X; Li, Y; Hanzo, L
2023-04-01VAMP-Based Iterative Equalization for Index-Modulated Multicarrier FTN SignalingMa, Y; Wu, N; Wu, K; Zhang, JA