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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A 3D bioprinted tumor model fabricated with gelatin/sodium alginate/decellularized extracellular matrix bioink.Xu, J; Yang, S; Su, Y; Hu, X; Xi, Y; Cheng, YY; Kang, Y; Nie, Y; Pan, B; Song, K
2019-01-01Beyond context: Exploring semantic similarity for small object detection in crowded scenesXi, Y; Zheng, J; He, X; Jia, W; Li, H; Xie, Y; Feng, M; Li, X
2018-08-29Beyond Context: Exploring Semantic Similarity for Tiny Face DetectionXi, Y; Zheng, J; He, X; Jia, W; Li, H
-CoDerainNet: Collaborative Deraining Network for Drone-View Object Detection in Rainy Weather ConditionsXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Feng, J; Liu, X; Li, F
2024-01-01Detection-Driven Exposure-Correction Network for Nighttime Drone-View Object DetectionXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Feng, J; Ren, J; Luo, H
2021DRL-GAN: Dual-Stream Representation Learning GAN for Low-Resolution Image Classification in UAV ApplicationsXi, Y; Jia, W; Zheng, J; Fan, X; Xie, Y; Ren, J; He, X
2022-12-01DyCC-Net: Dynamic Context Collection Network for Input-Aware Drone-View Object DetectionXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Liu, X; Fan, X; Lou, J
2022-08-01FiFoNet: Fine-Grained Target Focusing Network for Object Detection in UAV ImagesXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Liu, X; Fan, X; Li, H
2019-12A New Improved Convolutional Neural Network Flower Image Recognition ModelQin, M; Xi, Y; Jiang, F
2008-05-01Rescheduling algorithm based on rolling horizon decomposition for a dynamic job shop with uncertain arriving timeLiu, L; Gu, H; Xi, Y
2020-01-01See Clearly in the Distance: Representation Learning GAN for Low Resolution Object RecognitionXi, Y; Zheng, J; Jia, W; He, X; Li, H; Ren, Z; Lam, KM
2008-09-01Study on constraint scheduling algorithm for job shop problems with multiple constraint machinesZuo, Y; Gu, H; Xi, Y
2018-03-01Subcritical n-hexane/isopropanol extraction of lipid from wet microalgal pastes of Scenedesmus obliquusBian, X; Jin, W; Gu, Q; Zhou, X; Xi, Y; Tu, R; Han, SF; Xie, GJ; Gao, SH; Wang, Q
2021-12-01Tolerance-Oriented Wi-Fi Advertisement Scheduling: A Near Optimal Study on Accumulative User InterestsXu, W; Fan, X; Wu, T; Tao, W; Xi, Y; Yang, P; Tian, C