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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-01Accelerated spread of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) induced by non-antibiotic conditions: Roles and mechanisms.Shi, X; Xia, Y; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2016-01-01Analysis of teamwork dialogue: A data mining approachShibani, A; Koh, E; Lai, V; Shim, KJ; Joshi, J; Karypis, G; Liu, L; Hu, X; Ak, R; Xia, Y; Xu, W; Sato, AH; Rachuri, S; Ungar, L; Yu, PS; Govindaraju, R; Suzumura, T
2017-09-01An analytical model of linear density foam–protected structure under blast loadingXia, Y; Wu, C; Bennett, T
2023-04-01Automated damage diagnosis of concrete jack arch beam using optimized deep stacked autoencoders and multi-sensor fusionYu, Y; Li, J; Li, J; Xia, Y; Ding, Z; Samali, B
2021-10-26BiCMTS: Bidirectional Coupled Multivariate Learning of Irregular Time Series with Missing ValuesWang, Q; Ren, S; Xia, Y; Cao, L
2011-01-01Clonk Induced Response from Synchronizer Engagements in Dual Clutch TransmissionsWalker, PD; Zhang, N; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
2011-01-01Control of Non-Linear Vibrations using Three-to-One Internal ResonancesJi, JC; Zhang, N; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
2011-01-01Damage Identification on a Numerical Two-Storey Framed Structure using Ambient Vibration Response Analysis and Artificial Neural NetworksDackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, ZQ
2018-03-01Daphne: A Flexible and Hybrid Scheduling Framework in Multi-Tenant ClustersXia, Y; Ren, R; Cai, H; Vasilakos, AV; Lv, Z
2011-01-01Determinations of Stress Wave Velocity in a Timber Pole using Wavelet TransformSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B; Dackermann, U; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, ZQ
2019-01-01Enhanced saliency prediction via free energy principleYe, P; Wang, Y; Xia, Y; An, P; Zhang, J
2014-03-31Erratum: Explicit form of an implicit method for inverse force identification (Journal of Sound and Vibration (2013) 333:3 (730-744))Liu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ; Xia, Y
2014-03-31Erratum: Singular spectrum analysis for enhancing the sensitivity in structural damage detectionLiu, K; Law, SS; Xia, Y; Zhu, XQ
2009-01-01Experimental investigation on statistical moment-based structural damage detection methodXu, YL; Zhang, J; Li, JC; Xia, Y
2014-02-03Explicit form of an implicit method for inverse force identificationLiu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ; Xia, Y
2017-10-23FastShrinkage: Perceptually-aware retargeting toward mobile platformsLiu, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, L; Shah, RR; Xia, Y; Yang, Y; Li, X
2020-04-01Finding the best k in core decomposition: A time and space optimal solutionChu, D; Zhang, F; Lin, X; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Xia, Y; Zhang, C
2019-10-09Future directions of networked control systems: A combination of cloud control and fog control approachZhan, Y; Xia, Y; Vasilakos, AV
2022-05-01Guest editorialWu, C; Xia, Y; Bi, K
2021<i>IFI27</i> transcription is an early predictor for COVID-19 outcomes; a multi-cohort observational studyShojaei, M; Shamshirian, A; Monkman, J; Grice, L; Tran, M; Tan, CW; Rossi, GR; McCulloch, T; Nalos, M; Chew, KY; Zhu, Y; Xia, Y; Wells, T; Senegaglia, AC; Rebelatto, CLK; Franck, CL; dos Santos, AFR; de Noronha, L; Motamen, S; Valadan, R; Amjadi, O; Gogna, R; Madan, E; Alizadeh-Navaei, R; Lamperti, L; Zuñiga, F; Nova-Lamperti, E; Labarca, G; Knippenberg, B; Herwanto, V; Wang, Y; Phu, A; Chew, T; Kwan, T; Kim, K; Teoh, S; Pelaia, T; Kuan, WS; Jee, Y; Iredell, J; O’Byrne, K; Fraser, J; Davis, M; Belz, G; Warkiani, M; Gallo, CS; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; Nguyen, Q; Mclean, A; Kulasinghe, A; Short, K; Tang, B