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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-01Anti-Money Laundering by Group-Aware Deep Graph LearningCheng, D; Ye, Y; Xiang, S; Ma, Z; Zhang, Y; Jiang, C
2023-03-01Development of loose nanofiltration PVDF hollow fiber membrane for dye/salt separationZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Song, Q; Gonzales, RR; Jia, Y; Xiang, S; Li, Z; Matsuyama, H
2023-07-05Development of porous polyketone membrane via liquid–liquid thermally induced phase separationXiang, S; Zhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Gonzales, RR; Li, Z; Shi, Y; Zhou, S; Hu, M; Guan, K; Matsuyama, H
2023-06-27Domain Decorrelation with Potential Energy RankingPei, S; Sun, J; Xu, RYD; Xiang, S; Meng, G
2022Efficient Learning-based Community-Preserving Graph GenerationXiang, S; Cheng, D; Zhang, J; Ma, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, Y
2023-02-01Efficient Top-k Vulnerable Nodes Detection in Uncertain GraphsCheng, D; Chen, C; Wang, X; Xiang, S
2022Efficient Top-k Vulnerable Nodes Detection in Uncertain Graphs (Extended abstract)Cheng, D; Chen, C; Wang, X; Xiang, S
2022-11-15Fabrication of PVDF/EVOH blend hollow fiber membranes with hydrophilic property via thermally induced phase processXiang, S; Tang, X; Rajabzadeh, S; Zhang, P; Cui, Z; Matsuyama, H
2022-01-01Financial time series forecasting with multi-modality graph neural networkCheng, D; Yang, F; Xiang, S; Liu, J
2021-01-01General graph generators: experiments, analyses, and improvementsXiang, S; Wen, D; Cheng, D; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Qian, Z; Lin, X
2022-06-28Learning adversarial point-wise domain alignment for stereo matchingZhang, C; Meng, G; Xu, RYD; Xiang, S; Pan, C
2023-06-27Robust Feature Rectification of Pretrained Vision Models for Object RecognitionZhou, S; Meng, G; Zhang, Z; Xu, RYD; Xiang, S
2023-06-27Semi-supervised Credit Card Fraud Detection via Attribute-Driven Graph RepresentationXiang, S; Zhu, M; Cheng, D; Li, E; Zhao, R; Ouyang, Y; Chen, L; Zheng, Y
2022-10-17Temporal and Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Financial Time Series PredictionXiang, S; Cheng, D; Shang, C; Zhang, Y; Liang, Y
2023-09-11Transformed Graph Attention for Credit RatingLiu, CZ; Xiang, S; Cheng, D; Liu, J; Zhang, Y; Qin, L