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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-31A remote acoustic sensing apparatus based on a laser Doppler vibrometerXiao, T; Halkon, B; Zhao, S; Qiu, X
2020-08-23An experimental study on the active noise control using a parametric array loudspeakerZhong, J; Xiao, T; Halkon, B; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2019-01-01A comparison of using sound pressure and particle velocity as error signals for local active noise controlXiao, T; Qiu, X
2008-01Conflict resolution for collaborative design based on rough set theoryMa, J; Xiao, T; Zeng, J; Hao, M; NA
2022-05-01Global transfer of embodied energy: From source to sink through global value chainsPan, A; Xiao, T; Dai, L; Shi, X
2023-01-01Initial design, development & calibration of MEMS based sound level meter for real-time construction monitoringCooper-Woolley, B; Darroch, MM; Cong, J; Hendriks, X; Zhu, Q; Xiao, T; Zhao, S; Halkon, B
2017-01-01Phenol rejection by cellulose triacetate and thin film composite forward osmosis membranesXiao, T; Nghiem, LD; Song, J; Bao, R; Li, X; He, T
2024-01Refracto-vibrometry for active control of sound radiation through an openingXiao, T; Halkon, B; Wang, S; Oberst, S; Qiu, X
2023-05-01Spatially selective active noise control systemsXiao, T; Xu, B; Zhao, C
2020-01-01Ultra-broadband active noise cancellation at the ears via optical microphonesXiao, T; Qiu, X; Halkon, B
2019-09-07Ultra-broadband local active noise control with remote acoustic sensingXiao, T; Qiu, X; Halkon, B
2020-11-27Ultra-broadband local active noise control with remote acoustic sensing.Xiao, T; Qiu, X; Halkon, B
2020-01-01Using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer to Estimate Sound Pressure in AirXiao, T; Qiu, X; Halkon, B
-Using a Retro-Reflective Membrane and Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Real-Time Remote Acoustic Sensing and ControlXiao, T; Zhao, S; Qiu, X; Halkon, B