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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Comparisons of alkali-activated binder concrete (ABC) with OPC concrete - A reviewXue, C; Sirivivatnanon, V; Nezhad, A; Zhao, Q
2022-04-04Cracking and autogenous self-healing on the performance of fiber-reinforced MgO-cement composites in seawater and NaCl solutionsXue, C
2022-01-25Cracking and stimulated autogenous self-healing on the sustainability of cement-based materials: a reviewXue, C; Tapas, MJ; Sirivivatnanon, V
2021-01-01Effect of chloride ingress on self-healing recovery of smart cementitious composite incorporating crystalline admixture and MgO expansive agentXue, C; Li, W; Luo, Z; Wang, K; Castel, A
2023-08-22Long-term reinforcement corrosion in low carbon concrete with a high volume of SCMs exposed to NaCl solutions and field marine environmentSirivivatnanon, V; Xue, C; Khatri, R
2020-08-01Novel experimental and numerical investigations on bonding behaviour of crack interface in smart self-healing concreteXue, C; Li, W; Wang, K; Sheng, D; Shah, SP; Shah, SP
2019-08-01Numerical investigation on interface crack initiation and propagation behaviour of self-healing cementitious materialsXue, C; Li, W; Li, J; Wang, K
2022-05-01Performance and mechanisms of stimulated self-healing in cement-based composites exposed to saline environmentsXue, C
2019-02-01A review study on encapsulation-based self-healing for cementitious materialsXue, C; Li, W; Li, J; Tam, VWY; Ye, G
2020-11-10Self-healing efficiency and crack closure of smart cementitious composite with crystalline admixture and structural polyurethaneXue, C; Li, W; Qu, F; Sun, Z; Shah, SP
2022-01-01Service life design of low carbon concrete containing fly ash and slag under marine tidal conditionsSirivivatnanon, V; Xue, C; Khatri, R