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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-31A lightweight and privacy-preserving answer collection scheme for mobile crowdsourcingDai, Y; Weng, J; Yang, A; Yu, S; Deng, RH
2022-01-01A survey on deep learning for textual emotion analysis in social networksPeng, S; Cao, L; Zhou, Y; Ouyang, Z; Yang, A; Li, X; Jia, W; Yu, S
2017-04-12Deterministic Coupling of Quantum Emitters in 2D Materials to Plasmonic Nanocavity ArraysTran, TT; Wang, D; Xu, ZQ; Yang, A; Toth, M; Odom, TW; Aharonovich, I
2023-04-04Development of Real-Time Brain-Computer Interface System for Robot ControlWong, KW; Steve Sai Ho, L; Yang, A
2021-01-01Emotion Classification of Text Based on BERT and Broad Learning SystemPeng, S; Zeng, R; Liu, H; Chen, G; Wu, R; Yang, A; Yu, S
2016-03-01Ethical convergence, divergence or communitas? An examination of public relations and journalism codes of ethicsYang, A; Taylor, M; Saffer, AJ
2021-01-01From Organizational-Centric Engagement to Network-Centric Engagement: The Role of Autonomous Public Communities in a Mediated Public Policy Advocacy NetworkYang, A; Taylor, M
2019-11-01Public relations channel “repertoires”: Exploring patterns of channel use in practiceSommerfeldt, EJ; Yang, A; Taylor, M
2022-10-07Quantum Simulation of Preferred Tautomeric State PredictionShee, Y; Yeh, T-L; Hsiao, J-Y; Yang, A; Lin, Y-C; Hsieh, M-H
2018-02-01Reconsidering Power in Multistakeholder Relationship ManagementSaffer, AJ; Yang, A; Taylor, M
2017-09-01Security Analysis of Some Diffusion Mechanisms Used in Chaotic CiphersZhang, LY; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, A; Chen, G
2018-03-04Shareholder communication and issue salience: corporate responses to ‘social’ shareholder activismUysal, N; Yang, A; Taylor, M
2017-02-10Social influence modeling using information theory in mobile social networksPeng, S; Yang, A; Cao, L; Yu, S; Xie, D
2022-11U.S. Fortune 500's stakeholders engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence for proactive approaches.Yang, A; Sun, J; Taylor, M
2018-09-01Unleashing the Power of Networks: Shareholder Activism, Sustainable Development and Corporate Environmental PolicyYang, A; Uysal, N; Taylor, M