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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Analytical Approach for Load-Carrying Capacity Evaluation of Tibetan Timber Beam-column JointQin, S; Yang, N; Zhu, X; Wang, Z
2021-03-01Analytical Model of Open-Circuit Air-Gap Field Distribution in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Based on Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Method and Boundary Conditions of Macroscopic EquationsMa, C; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yang, N; Liu, Q; Zuo, S; Wu, X; Wang, P; Li, J; Fang, J
2003-01An approach to attribute generalization in incomplete information systemsLi, T; Ma, J; Xu, Y; Yang, N; NA
2020-10-01Characteristic analysis and direct measurement for air gap magnetic field of external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motors in electric vehiclesMa, C; Zhou, S; Yang, N; Degano, M; Gerada, C; Fang, J; Liu, Q
2023-03-01Defect and interface control on graphitic carbon nitrides/upconversion nanocrystals for enhanced solar hydrogen productionGao, X; Yang, N; Feng, J; Liao, J; Hou, S; Ma, X; Su, D; Yu, X; Yang, Z; Safaei, J; Wang, D; Wang, G
2019-03-14Edge-Functionalized g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> Nanosheets as a Highly Efficient Metal-free Photocatalyst for Safe Drinking WaterTeng, Z; Yang, N; Lv, H; Wang, S; Hu, M; Wang, C; Wang, D; Wang, G
2010-04-20Enhancement of the performance of anaerobic fluidized bed bioreactors (AFBBRs) by a new starch based flocculantXing, W; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Wu, Z; Nguyen, TT; Cullum, P; Listowski, A; Yang, N
2004-01Generalized association rule base and its mining algorithmLi, T; Yang, N; Ma, J
2004Generalized association rule base and its mining algorithmLi, T; Yang, N; Ma, J
2018-04-01A Joint Framework for QoS and QoE for Video Transmission over Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksUsman, M; Yang, N; Jan, MA; He, X; Xu, M; Lam, KM
2018-08-13A novel collaborative task offloading scheme for secure and sustainable mobile cloudlet networksYang, N; Fan, X; Puthal, D; He, X; Nanda, P; Guo, S
2019A Novel Convolutional Neural Network Based Indoor Localization Framework With WiFi FingerprintingSong, X; Fan, X; Xiang, C; Ye, Q; Liu, L; Wang, Z; He, X; Yang, N; Fang, G
2013-12-01On the convergence of some possibilistic clustering algorithmsZhou, J; Cao, L; Yang, N
2017-04-01Process-Structure-Property Relationships for 316L Stainless Steel Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing and Its Implication for Component EngineeringYang, N; Yee, J; Zheng, B; Gaiser, K; Reynolds, T; Clemon, L; Lu, WY; Schoenung, JM; Lavernia, EJ
2017-10-09Time-Frequency Filter Bank: A Simple Approach for Audio and Music SeparationYang, N; Usman, M; He, X; Jan, MA; Zhang, L
2011-10-01α-Actinin-3 deficiency is associated with reduced bone mass in human and mouseYang, N; Schindeler, A; McDonald, MM; Seto, JT; Houweling, PJ; Lek, M; Hogarth, M; Morse, AR; Raftery, JM; Balasuriya, D; MacArthur, DG; Berman, Y; Quinlan, KGR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV; Center, JR; Prince, RL; Wilson, SG; Zhu, K; Little, DG; North, KN