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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-01A see-through-wall system for device-free human motion sensing based on battery-free RFIDWang, Z; Xiao, F; Ye, N; Wang, R; Yang, P
2022-12-01Achieving URLLC by MU-MIMO With Imperfect CSI: Under κ-μ Shadowed FadingZeng, J; Xu, Q; Fan, X; Ye, N; Ni, W; Jay Guo, Y
2019-01-01Computer Vision-assisted 3D Object Localization via COTS RFID Devices and a Monocular CameraWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Xiao, F; Ruchuan, WN; Huang, H
2021Hybrid Learning Algorithm of Radial Basis Function Networks for Reliability AnalysisZhang, D; Zhang, N; Ye, N; Fang, J; Han, X
2012-12-01Observation of infiltration and activation of dendritic cells in primary foci of prostate cancer using fuzhengyiliufa integrative treatmentsPan, MW; Ye, N; Chen, ZQ; Gu, CM; Lim, CED
2018-02-01One more tag enables fine-grained RFID localization and trackingXiao, F; Wang, Z; Ye, N; Wang, R; Li, XY
2012-12-01Preventive treatment for diseases: A practice model. a challenge for hospital management in the field of integrative medicineZhang, XZ; Ye, N; Pan, MW; Lim, CED
2014-09-12Recognizing flu-like symptoms from videosThi, TH; Wang, L; Ye, N; Zhang, J; Maurer-Stroh, S; Cheng, L
2019-03-29RF-Focus: Computer Vision-assisted Region-of-interest RFID Tag Recognition and Localization in Multipath-prevalent EnvironmentsWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Wang, R; Huang, H
2020-06-01RF-Mirror: Mitigating Mutual Coupling Interference in Two-Tag Array Labeled RFID SystemsWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Huang, H; Wang, R; Xiao, F
2018-07-19RF-MVO: Simultaneous 3D object localization and camera trajectory recovery using RFID Devices and a 2D monocular cameraWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Wang, R; Huang, H
2016-01-01TMicroscope: Behavior perception based on the slightest RFID tag motionWang, Z; Ye, N; Malekian, R; Wang, R; Li, P
2016-12-15TrackT: Accurate tracking of RFID tags with mm-level accuracy using first-order taylor series approximationWang, Z; Ye, N; Malekian, R; Xiao, F; Wang, R