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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-22A participatory research approach in community pharmacy research: The case for video-reflexive ethnography.Yong, FR; Hor, S-Y; Bajorek, BV
2021-09-03Considerations of Australian community pharmacists in the provision and implementation of cognitive pharmacy services: a qualitative study.Yong, FR; Hor, S-Y; Bajorek, BV
2020-02-01Factors affecting community pharmacist work: A scoping review and thematic synthesis using role theoryYong, FR; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Williams, KA; (Charlie) Benrimoj, SI
2020-08-28Instruments measuring community pharmacist role stress and strain measures: A systematic review.Yong, FR
2022-09-19'Like building a plane and flying it all in one go': an interview study of infection prevention and control in Australian general practice during the first 2 years of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.Hor, S-Y; Burns, P; Yong, FR; Barratt, R; Degeling, C; Williams Veazey, L; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL
2022-12Mapping Australian pharmacy school curricula for content related to pharmacogenomics.Venugopal, M-L; Yong, FR; Krzyzaniak, N; La Caze, A; Freeman, C
2022-05-10Video-reflexive ethnography applications in pharmacy and health services researchYong, FR; Hor, S-Y; Bajorek, B; Desselle, S; Garcia Cardenas, V; Anderson, C; Aslani, P; Chen, A; Chen, T
2023-10-05"We're trained to trust our patients": a qualitative study on the general practitioners' trust in patients for colorectal cancer shared care.Yong, FR; Naicker, S; Uebel, K; Agaliotis, M; Chan, C; Nguyen, JDT; Pathirana, T; Hawkey, A; Vuong, K