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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Clinical assessment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a discrete choice experiment of patient preferences.Yu, A; Street, D; Viney, R; Goodall, S; Pearce, A; Haywood, P; Haas, M; Battaglini, E; Goldstein, D; Timmins, H; Park, SB
2018-02-23Evaluation of contact force models for discrete modelling of ellipsoidal particlesKildashti, K; Dong, K; Samali, B; Zheng, Q; Yu, A
2012-01Glycothermal synthesis of assembled vanadium oxideFu, H; Jiang, X; Yang, X; Yu, A; Su, D; Wang, G
2012-05-08Glycothermal synthesis of assembled vanadium oxide nanostructures for gas sensingFu, H; Jiang, X; Yang, X; Yu, A; Su, D; Wang, G
2022-02-05Mechanical and Thermal Behaviours of Weft-Knitted Spacer Fabric Structure with Inlays for Insole Applications.Li, Nga-wun; Yick, K-L; Yu, A; Ning, S
2022-06-01Novel weft-knitted spacer structure with silicone tube and foam inlays for cushioning insolesLi, Nga-wun; Yick, KL; Yu, A
2005-01An overview of research on reverse engineering XML schemas into UML diagramsYu, A; Steele, RJ; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
2017-07-01Question word-order influences on covariate effects: predicting zero-sum beliefsSmithson, M; Shou, Y; Yu, A
2018-03-01Sporting injuries amongst children in Australia: A review of the literatureYu, A; Green, J; Walker, K
2023-08-02Understanding the valuation of paediatric health-related quality of life: a qualitative study protocol.Yu, A; Luo, Y; Bahrampour, M; Norman, R; Street, D; Viney, R; Devlin, N; Mulhern, BJ; Quality Of Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia (QUOKKA) project team,