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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A High-Performance Hybrid Blockchain System for Traceable IoT ApplicationsWang, X; Yu, P; Yu, G; Zha, X; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Guo, YJ
2022-01-01A Robust Game-theoretical Federated Learning Framework with Joint Differential PrivacyZhang, L; Zhu, T; Xiong, P; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2019-05-01A survey of segmentation, annotation, and recommendation techniques in micro learning for next generation of OERLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Cui, T; Yu, P; Xu, D; Li, L; Shen, WM; Paredes, H; Luo, J; Barthes, JP
2009-01Behavior Informatics: An Informatics Perspective for Behavior StudiesCao, L; Yu, P
2006-07-01Challenges and Opportunities Facing Australian Universities Caused by The Internationalisation of Chinese Higher EducationWu, M; Yu, P
2021-10-26Click-Through Rate Prediction with Multi-Modal HypergraphsHe, L; Chen, H; Wang, D; Jameel, S; Yu, P; Xu, G
2019-05-01Decentralized, Revocable and Verifiable Attribute-Based Encryption in Hybrid Cloud SystemYu, P; Wen, Q; Ni, W; Li, W; Sun, C; Zhang, H; Jin, Z
2021Differentially Private Multi-Agent Planning for Logistic-like ProblemsYe, D; Zhu, T; Shen, S; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2021-02-22Efficient Anonymous Data Authentication for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksYu, P; Ni, W; Yu, G; Zhang, H; Liu, RP; Wen, Q
2022-09-07Efficient Encrypted Range Query on Cloud PlatformsYu, P; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhang, Z; Zhang, H; Wen, Q
2020-11-01Enabling Attribute Revocation for Fine-Grained Access Control in Blockchain-IoT SystemsYu, G; Zha, X; Wang, X; Ni, W; Yu, K; Yu, P; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP; Guo, YJ
2021Fairness in Semi-supervised Learning: Unlabeled Data Help to Reduce DiscriminationZhang, T; zhu, T; Li, J; Han, M; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2022-06-01From computer vision to short text understanding: Applying similar approaches into different disciplinesLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, DE; Yu, P; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2008Incremental Tensor Analysis: Theory and ApplicationsSun, J; Tao, D; Papadimitriou, S; Yu, P; Faloutsos, C
2021-01-01MOOC Student Dropout Rate Prediction via Separating and Conquering Micro and Macro InformationLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Yu, P; Cui, T; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2022-01-01More Than Privacy: Applying Differential Privacy in Key Areas of Artificial IntelligenceZhu, T; Ye, D; Wang, W; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2019-11Multi-modal Attention Network Learning for Semantic Source Code RetrievalWan, Y; Shu, J; Sui, Y; Xu, G; Zhao, Z; Wu, J; Yu, P
2022-09Novel nested patch-based feature extraction model for automated Parkinson's Disease symptom classification using MRI images.Kaplan, E; Altunisik, E; Ekmekyapar Firat, Y; Datta Barua, P; Dogan, S; Baygin, M; Burak Demir, F; Tuncer, T; Palmer, E; Tan, R-S; Yu, P; Soar, J; Fujita, H; Rajendra Acharya, U
2022-01-01PAR: Political Actor Representation Learning with Social Context and Expert KnowledgeFeng, S; Tan, Z; Chen, Z; Wang, N; Yu, P; Zheng, Q; Chang, X; Luo, M
2022-01-25Reinforced, Incremental and Cross-lingual Event Detection From Social Messages.Peng, H; Zhang, R; Li, S; Cao, Y; Pan, S; Yu, P