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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07-22Characteristics and treatment preferences of people with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder: An internet surveySpence, J; Titov, N; Solley, K; Dear, BF; Johnston, L; Wootton, B; Kemp, A; Andrews, G; Zou, J; Lorian, C; Choi, I
2020-10Development and External Validation of Radiomics Approach for Nuclear Grading in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.Zhou, H; Mao, H; Dong, D; Fang, M; Gu, D; Liu, X; Xu, M; Yang, S; Zou, J; Yin, R; Zheng, H; Tian, J; Pan, C; Fang, X
2018-11-01Fast and robust road sign detection in driver assistance systemsZhang, T; Zou, J; Jia, W
2013-07-03Improving Adherence and Clinical Outcomes in Self-Guided Internet Treatment for Anxiety and Depression: Randomised Controlled TrialTitov, N; Dear, BF; Johnston, L; Lorian, C; Zou, J; Wootton, B; Spence, J; McEvoy, PM; Rapee, RM
2013-05-07Internet-delivered eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (iEMDR): An open trialSpence, J; Titov, N; Johnston, L; Dear, BF; Wootton, B; Terides, M; Zou, J
2018-12-01Low-Complexity Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control with Current Limit for Linear Induction MachinesZou, J; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Liu, Y
2014-01-01A noise-robust adaptive hybrid pattern for texture classificationZhu, Z; You, X; Chent, CLP; Tao, D; Jiang, X; You, F; Zou, J
2020-10Noninvasive Prediction of High-Grade Prostate Cancer via Biparametric MRI Radiomics.Gong, L; Xu, M; Fang, M; Zou, J; Yang, S; Yu, X; Xu, D; Zhou, L; Li, H; He, B; Wang, Y; Fang, X; Dong, D; Tian, J
2023-04-01Orthogonal Time Frequency Space and Predictive Beamforming-Enabled URLLC in Vehicular NetworksYuan, W; Zou, J; Cui, Y; Li, X; Mu, J; Han, K
2021-01-01Privacy and Security Issues in Deep Learning: A SurveyLiu, X; Xie, L; Wang, Y; Zou, J; Xiong, J; Ying, Z; Vasilakos, AV
2020-07-01Simplified Model Predictive Thrust Control Based Arbitrary Two Voltage Vectors for Linear Induction Machines in Metro TransportationZou, J; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Liu, Y
2023-08-02Smoking and tetramer tryptase accelerate intervertebral disc degeneration by inducing METTL14-mediated DIXDC1 m6 modification.Tu, J; Li, W; Hansbro, PM; Yan, Q; Bai, X; Donovan, C; Kim, RY; Galvao, I; Das, A; Yang, C; Zou, J; Diwan, A
2019-10-01Weighting Factorless Model Predictive Thrust Control for Linear Induction MachineXu, W; Zou, J; Liu, Y; Zhu, J