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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Jabs and barbs: ways to address misleading vaccination and immunisation information using currently available strategies.Wardle, J; Stewart, C; Parker, M
2012Jacaranda : the tree Australians like to claim as their ownKing, A
9-Dec-2014Jack Lindsay British citizenship certificate.Great Britain. Home Office. Nationality Division.
1-May-2019Jack of all trades versus specialists: Fund family specialization and mutual fund performanceCasavecchia, L; Ge, C
1-Jan-2013"Jack of all trades" or "double agent?" the German popular musician as novelistHurley, AW
7-Sep-2015The Jackdaw in the Gilded Cage: Uhlirova’s Birds of ParadiseBrayshaw, E
8-Apr-2015Jackie Bailey & Christopher Madden (2010), Analysis of creative industries by turnover, value chains and discussions with business advisers, prepared for the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, 3 JuneJackie Bailey (Lead author); Christopher Madden (Supporting author)
-"Jam Me If You Can'': Defeating Jammer with Deep Dueling Neural Network Architecture and Ambient Backscattering Augmented CommunicationsHuynh, NV; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Dutkiewicz, E
27-Jul-2016Jamming attack on in-band full-duplex communications: Detection and countermeasuresHanawal, MK; Nguyen, DN; Krunz, M
20-May-2013Jamming of quantum emitters by active coated nanoparticlesArslanagic, S; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jan-2011Jane Austen and the history of EnglandSpongberg, M
6-Mar-2009Jane Austen, the 1790s, and the French RevolutionSpongberg, M
Jan-2009Jane goes to Timor: How time, space and place shape English language teaching in international developmentAppleby, RJ; Somerville, M; Power, K; de Carteret, P
-JanusBarker, T; Haeusler, M; Mary-Anne Kyriakou
Jan-2011The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, TL; Lock, DJ; Darcy, SA; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
1-Sep-2009The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, T; Lock, D; Darcy, S
1-Aug-2008The Janus-faced atracotoxins are specific blockers of invertebrate K <inf>Ca</inf> channelsGunning, SJ; Maggio, F; Windley, MJ; Valenzuela, SM; King, GF; Nicholson, GM
Jan-2004Japan as institutional counterfactual: knowledge, learning and powerClegg, SR; Ray, T; Carter, C; Hodgson, DE; Carter, C
1-Dec-2011Japan-Taiwan relations in the twenty-first century from the perspective of tuna disputes in the Atlantic OceanChen, H
15-Jan-2015Japanese Fashion Cultures Dress and Gender in Contemporary JapanMonden, M