Immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia: Regulations and responses

High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue
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Journal Article
Migracoes: Journal of the Portugal Immigration Observatory, 2008, 3 (October), pp. 49 - 59
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Australia has a long history of immigrant entrepreneurship. Immigrant enterprises, mainly small businesses, generate significant economic growth, employment opportunities and import export activity across a broad range of industries in Australia. Drawing on Australian research into immigrant entrepreneurship, this article seeks to explore the different forms of regulation and policy enacted by Federal, State and local governments that impact on immigrant entrepreneurs. The article interrogates the important policy question of how to best promote immigrant entrepreneurship and the establishment and survival of immigrant enterprises. The experiences of immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia vary considerably, with a diversity in pathways to immigrant entrepreneurship in Australia evident for both male and female immigrant entrepreneurs. Some cluster in ethnic precincts in the cities as owners of restaurants, cafï½s, shops and immigrant services. Others set up businesses in the suburbs or regional towns. This means that `one sizeï½ will not fit all, pointing to the need for a diverse, complex policy response to immigrant entrepreneurship in Australia today.
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