Heart rate control during treadmill exercise

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Conference Proceeding
Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings, 2005, 7 VOLS pp. 2471 - 2474
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A computer-controlled treadmill and related data collection and processing systems have been developed for the control of heart rate during treadmill exercise. Minimizing deviations of heart rate from a preset profile is achieved by controlling the speed and/or the gradient of the treadmill. A simple and practical heart rate measurement algorithm has been developed to robustly measure the variations of heart rate. Both conventional Proportional-Integral- Derivative (PID) control and fuzzy Proportional-Integral (PI) control approaches have been employed for the controller design. The fuzzy Proportional-Integral algorithm achieved better heart rate tracking performance. Finally, a heart rate based exercising protocol was successfully implemented on the newly designed exercise system. © 2005 IEEE.
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