Nonparticipation in a Danish cohort study of long-term sickness absence

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Journal Article
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 2012, 5 pp. 223 - 229
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Aim: The aim of the present study was to identify predictors of nonparticipation in a Danish cohort of individuals on long-term sickness absence with a nonparticipation rate of 53.6%. Methods: Data from Danish public registers were linked to all 2414 individuals initially recruited to the cohort. Information regarding social- and health-related characteristics was retrieved. Adjusted logistic regression was carried out to examine differences between participants and nonparticipants as well as to identify predictors of nonparticipation. Results: Nonparticipation was associated with being male, relatively young, having a vocational secondary education, and having a low income, whereas a recent somatic disease treated in hospital was a predictor for participation. Having had a psychiatric disorder in the past was generally a barrier for participation, while a recent psychiatric disorder was a positive factor for participation. Conclusion: Individuals with low socioeconomic status and individuals with prior psychiatric disorders were less willing to participate in this cohort study of long-term sickness absence. © 2012 Pedersen et al, publisher and licensee Dove Medical Press Ltd.
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