Personalized web search using clickthrough data and web page rating

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Journal Article
Journal of Computers (Finland), 2012, 7 (10 SPL.ISS.), pp. 2578 - 2584
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Personalization of Web search is to carry out retrieval for each user incorporating his/her interests. We propose a novel technique to construct personalized information retrieval model from the users' clickthrough data and Web page ratings. This model builds on the userbased collaborative filtering technology and the top-N resource recommending algorithm, which consists of three parts: user profile, user-based collaborative filtering, and the personalized search model. Firstly, we conduct user's preference score to construct the user profile from clicked sequence score and Web page rating. Then it attains similar users with a given user by user-based collaborative filtering algorithm and calculates the recommendable Web page scoring value. Finally, personalized informaion retrieval be modeled by three case applies (rating information for the user himself; at least rating information by similar users; not make use of any rating information). Experimental results indicate that our technique significantly improves the search performance. © 2012 ACADEMY PUBLISHER.
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