Opening governance to co-designed co-determination ‐ for economic democracy

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Conference Proceeding
Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015
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We explore ‘governance’ in relation to five meanings of ‘open’: (1) by exploring co-determination under German law (Mitbestimmung) and by analysing the method of design thinking with its emphasis on empathy to the user experience, we investigate ‘open’ as more democratically shared power, information and responsibility ; (2) in using the genealogical method of historical investigation we express ‘open’ as exposing something that is covered; (3) by initiating this discussion with the academic community, we invite frank ‘open’ discussion; (4) in not positing a final thesis, we leave the conclusion unsettled and ‘open’ for further debate and analysis; (5) yet, we do hope this discussion will lead to new approaches to governance, thereby establishing or ‘opening’ ‘co-designed open governance’ as a new enterprise.
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