Improved Spectral Clustering via Embedded Label Propagation

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Spectral clustering is a key research topic in the field of machine learning and data mining. Most of the existing spectral clustering algorithms are built upon Gaussian Laplacian matrices, which are sensitive to parameters. We propose a novel parameter free, distance consistent Locally Linear Embedding. The proposed distance consistent LLE promises that edges between closer data points have greater weight.Furthermore, we propose a novel improved spectral clustering via embedded label propagation. Our algorithm is built upon two advancements of the state of the art:1) label propagation,which propagates a node\'s labels to neighboring nodes according to their proximity; and 2) manifold learning, which has been widely used in its capacity to leverage the manifold structure of data points. First we perform standard spectral clustering on original data and assign each cluster to k nearest data points. Next, we propagate labels through dense, unlabeled data regions. Extensive experiments with various datasets validate the superiority of the proposed algorithm compared to current state of the art spectral algorithms.
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