Tourist Pathways in Cities: Providing Insights into Tourists Spatial Behaviour

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Journal Article
SSRN Electronic Journal, 2011, pp. 1 - 13
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Cities are shaped by flows of people, money and goods. Amongst the people who move through cities are tourists. The types of activities and spaces within cities that satisfy a tourist’s needs are often concentrated into distinctive geographic areas – precincts – and the tourist’s experience is most commonly one of moving between these precincts in search of the city’s highlights. While the movement of tourists through cities is observable, it is complex and not well understood. Understanding tourists’ spatial behaviour can greatly assist those engaged in the management and planning of urban destinations. To address this issue, since 2007 researchers in the Urban Tourism Program at the University of Technology Sydney have been examining tourists’ spatial behaviour using GPS technology, in tandem with other methods that assist with ‘interpreting’ the spatial activity. Studies have been conducted in Sydney, Canberra, London and Melbourne. This paper provides insights into how tourists view and use the city, highlighting differences in their general patterns and range of movement in these cities.
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