CSR and Mega-Events: Sponsorship Compatibility and Alignment

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Organizations seek unique and innovative platforms in which to communicate their brand messages to the public and other stakeholders. Event sponsorship presents an attractive and popular medium for these communications. Effective sponsorship campaigns can build brand identities and provide differentiation in the competitive market. Building a meaningful identity and instilling symbolic value into brands, is now a key priority for organizations in both the private and public sectors (Alcañiz, Cáceres, & Pérez, 2010). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is high on the corporate agenda for these exact reasons. CSR is used to position organizations as socially responsible and for them to develop a brand identity that aligns to social and ethical values. There is now significant discourse on the brand building potential of both sponsorship and CSR activity. CSR activities have been found to increase consumer loyalty (Du, Bhattacharya & Sen, 2007), brand credibility (BeckerOlsen, Cudmore & Hill, 2006) and product purchase intentions (Gupta & Pirsch, 2006). In the context of sport management, most CSR research has focused on similar areas, that is, the consumer response (e.g. Walker & Kent, 2009).
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