Self and peer assessment: A necessary ingredient in developing and tracking students' graduate attributes

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2009 Research in Engineering Education Symposium, REES 2009, 2009
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Recently there has been a shift to focus on assessing students' learning outcomes in terms of graduate attributes which they should develop and demonstrate during the course of their degree. A number of universities have tried to address these issues for example by using software tools such as ReView to track attribute development or by producing both academic and professional skill development transcripts. However, many attributes such as teamwork and the ability to give and receive feedback are typically practised in collaborative peer exercises. Furthermore these exercises are often conducted outside of regular class sessions, hence thorough assessment of these attributes should include input from both individual students and their peers. Hence we propose that any method of developing and tracking student's graduate attributes should include self and peer assessment. © 2009 Keith Willey & Anne Gardner.
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