A decoupled hybrid structure for active noise control with uncorrelatednarrowband disturbances

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INTERNOISE 2014 - 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering: Improving the World Through Noise Control, 2014
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In real active noise control (ANC)applications,the following situations frequently occur, one isthat disturbances only present at the error sensor and havelowcorrelation with reference signal, the other is thatthere is no enough space or ideal position for locating the reference sensor to satisfy causality condition. Thusthe residual noise after feedforward control can be seen as uncorrelated narrowband disturbancesin these situationsand ahybrid adaptive feedforward and feedback structure is often utilized to cope with this problem.Many efforts have been paid to improve the performance of the hybrid ANC system, nevertheless, few interests are concerned about the combination method between the feedforward and feedback structure. After investigating the conventional combination method of hybrid feedforward and feedback system, this paper introduces analternate combination method for hybrid ANC systemwhich featuresthat itavoidsthe coupling between the feedforward and feedback structures and both structures are concatenated to attenuate the ambient noise. Simulations are carried out to validatethe effectiveness of the introduced methodfor ANCwith uncorrelated narrowband disturbances.
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