Individually Frequency Tunable Dual- and Triple-band Filters in a Single Cavity

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2017, 5 pp. 11615 - 11625
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© 2013 IEEE. This paper presents a new class of second-order individually and continuously tunable dual- and triple-band bandpass filters in a single metal cavity. Each passband is realized by two identical metal posts. These dual- and triple-band tunable filters are achieved by putting two or three identical sets of metal-post pair in a single metal cavity. Metal screws are co-designed as a part of the metal posts to control their insertion depth inside the cavity. In this way, the resonant frequencies can be continuously controlled and designed at the desired frequency bands. Moreover, the distance between the two metal posts in a post pair can be freely tuned. Thus, the external quality factor (Qe) and coupling coefficient (k) between the adjacent modes can be easily adjusted to meet the specified requirement in synthesis design. At the bottom of the cavity, some grooves are used to extend the tunable frequency range and make the resonant frequency linearly varied with the height of the metal post. The center frequency of each passband can be independently tuned with a frequency range of 0.8-3.2 GHz and tunable ratio of 4. Finally, the continuously tunable dual- and triple-band bandpass filters prototypes with second order response are designed and fabricated, of which each passband can be individually tuned with a large tuning range.
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