Correction to: Testing for Threshold Effects in Regression Models (Journal of the American Statistical Association, (2013), 106, (220-231), 10.1198/jasa.2011.tm09800)

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Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2017, 112 (518), pp. 883 - ?
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© 2017 American Statistical Association. As an empirical illustration, Lee, Seo, and Shin (2011) used a subsample of the dataset originally constructed by Card, Mas, and Rothstein (2008) to test whether there existed a tipping point for racial segregation. When using the same dataset for different purposes, we found that there was an indexing error in the coding. In addition, there was a minor typographical error in the article. On page 224, the average marginal effect should have been defined as (Formula presented.), where Ф(·) is the CDF of the normal distribution. Tables 1 and 2 replace the old tables on page 224 and provide corrected empirical results. The corrected results indicate that there exists a tipping point in Chicago but not in other cities. The estimated tipping point for Chicago is similar between probit and median regression models. (Table presented.).
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