Hybrid Synchronized PWM Schemes for Closed-Loop Current Control of High-Power Motor Drives

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2017, 64 (9), pp. 6920 - 6929
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© 1982-2012 IEEE. For high-power drives, switching frequency is usually restricted to several hundred hertz to minimize the switching losses. To maintain the current distortions and torque ripples at a reasonable level, synchronized pulse patterns with half-wave and quarter-wave symmetries are employed. The analytic compensation is derived by Fourier analysis to ensure the proportionality between the voltage reference and the output voltage of an inverter for pulse width modulation (PWM) with low pulse ratio. A simple yet very effective method with varying sampling rate is proposed to maintain synchronization even for fast dynamic processes. The fast and smooth transition between different PWM patterns is achieved by compensating phase angle of the voltage reference through the analysis of stator flux trajectories. The effectiveness of the proposed method is validated on a down-scaled 2.2-kW induction motor drives.
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