Robust Deadbeat Predictive Power Control with a Discrete-Time Disturbance Observer for PWM Rectifiers under Unbalanced Grid Conditions

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2018, 34 (1), pp. 287 - 300
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© 2012 IEEE. This paper presents a robust deadbeat predictive power control (DPPC) for pulsewidth modulation (PWM) rectifiers with the consideration of parameter mismatches under unbalanced grid conditions. First, conventional DPPC is modified to extend its application to both ideal and unbalanced grid conditions. Second, a tracking error of the modified DPPC with inaccurate grid-side impedance is analyzed. Third, a discrete-time power disturbance observer (DPDO) is designed to achieve accurate power control with mismatched parameters. The designed DPDO can predict complex power at the next sampling instant and estimate system disturbance simultaneously. Therefore, the DPDO can contribute to eliminate the steady-state tracking error resulting from disturbances caused by inaccurate parameters and compensate one-step delay in digital implementation. Although satisfactory steady-state performance can be obtained with modified DPPC and DPDO, transient performance still deteriorates significantly with an inaccurate value of the grid-side inductance. Thus, an online adaptive method to estimate mismatched inductance is finally developed based on the proposed DPDO. Both DPPC and DPDO are implemented in the stationary reference frame without coordinate transformation. Theoretical analysis confirms that the proposed DPDO can track disturbance without phase lag or magnitude error. Experimental tests and comparative studies with a prior DPPC on a two-level PWM rectifier validate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
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