ICA based feature learning and feature selection

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International Conference on Electronic Devices, Systems, and Applications, 2017
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© 2016 IEEE. Feature extraction is playing a major role in bio signal processing. Feature identification and selection has two approaches. The common approach is engineering handcraft which is based on user experience and application area. While the other approach is feature learning that based on making the system identify and select the best features suit the application. The idea behind feature learning is to avoid dealing with any feature extraction or reduction algorithms and to train the suggested model on learning with avoiding the exposure to feature extraction which is mainly based on researcher experience. In this paper, Independent component analysis (ICA) will be implemented as a feature learning technique to learn the model extract the features from the input data. Deep learning approach will be proposed by implementing ICA to learn features. In the proposed model, the raw data will be read then represented by using different signal representation as Spectrogram, Wavelet and Wavelet Packet. Then, the new represented data will be fed to Independent component analysis layer to generate features and finally, the performance of the suggested scheme will be evaluated by applying different classifiers such as Support Vector Machine, Extreme Learning Machine and Discriminate Analysis. And As an improving step for the results, classifier fusion layer will be implemented to select the most accurate result for both training and testing set. Classifier fusion layer resulted in a promising training and testing accuracies. On the other side, Feature Selection is the process of selecting subset of features from a pool of features.
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