OWL (One World League) : a lever for social change?

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This thesis attempts to create the precedent as to whether it is possible to facilitate change in civil society by challenging existing political and social values through the medium of a documentary or realist literary piece involving a mixture of fact and fiction. The hybrid fiction-to-fact book OWL thus created deals with a figure who functions as an ‘everyman’ who has all the human frailties but struggles for a society to evolve beyond the current and seeming everlasting ‘battle of the demagogues’. The website accompanying the creative work is a central component of this exegesis. It was created in order to appeal to a broader audience and encourage immediate engagement with its ideas. I aim at motivating readers to actually create a new political party (OWL – One World League) just as is done in the part-fictional story embedded in the creative work. In the exegesis I have examined three main themes underpinning my creative work. I canvas some of the issues wrought by the information and technological revolution, particularly the impact of relatively new social media on democratic politics. I also draw on my psychology and organisational background to examine how group and mass movements work. Finally, I outline the reasons for my choices of both the literary form and the presentation of the creative work.
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