Mitigating wind noise with a spherical microphone array

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Journal Article
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018, 144 (6), pp. 3211 - 3220
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© 2018 Acoustical Society of America. This paper utilizes a rigid spherical microphone array to reduce wind noise. In the experiments conducted, a loudspeaker is used to reproduce the desired sound signal and an axial fan is employed to generate wind noise in an anechoic chamber. The sound signal and wind noise are measured separately with the spherical microphone array and analyzed in the spherical harmonic domain. The wind noise is found to be irregularly distributed in the spherical harmonic domain, distinct from the sound signal which is concentrated in the first few spherical harmonic modes. This difference is utilized to reduce wind noise without degrading the desired sound pressure level (SPL) by use of a low pass filter method in the spherical harmonic domain. Experimental results with both single-tonal and multi-tonal sound signals demonstrate that the proposed method can reduce wind noise by more than 10 dB in the frequency range below 500 Hz. The SPL of the desired sound signal can be extracted from wind noise with an error within 1.0 dB, even when the sound level is 8 dB lower than wind noise.
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